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The Savvy Traveller

The Savvy Traveller. Skype's a great way to stay in touch.. .with friends and family when you're on the road - and it can save you plenty of spending money too, but what else will help to ease your way around the world? Here's a few suggestions for the things that should definitely be taking up precious room in your backpack if you're going to make the most of your trip. Laptop With laptops smaller than ever, there's no reason to leave yours at home when you're off on your travels. It won't break your welght allowance and could save you money. Usling your Skype credit, you can access more than a mllon WI-FI hotspots - so why not book some great things to do once you arrive, or even talk to your frlends back home? Blu-Tack Don't leave home without a blob of the blue stuff. Window rattling? Fun-Tack. No plug in the sink? Poster Putty. It's a truly miraculous substance - and Ilke sticky tape, has no end of Inventive uses. Contact Lens Cases Contact lens cases are great for storing cosmetics. They'll work for molsturlsers, foundatlon and more so you don't need to keep stocklng up on the road! Sealable Bag Save on laundry fees with a large sealed plastic bag - It makes an effective makeshlft washing machine. Pop your dirty clothes In with a squirt of soap or shampoo and fill It with water. Zip It up, shake It up, draln, then rinse and repeat with clean water. Hey presto - fresh clothes and no more funny looks on the bus. Balloons Apps & Maps Blow a couple up to put Inside clothes you've Just hand washed (In your makeshlft washing machine of course). This will cut the drylng time considerably. Not only are they cheap, they'll put a smlle on the face of chlldren the world over! Moble data can add up fast - reading an emall Is only 10kb or so, but websites can be 1.5-2MB and watching You Tube" uses around 4MB every 5mins. Take advantage of WI-FI when you can and update your apps and maps on the cheap. Duct Tape Wrapplng tape around a pen Is a small, compact way of carrying the ever-useful sticky stuff, which can be used to patch up rucksacks, shoes, punctured travel pllows and more. You'lIl be surprised how often a good strip of tape wll save you from having to fork out for new gear. Yet more money savers Pack your bag, then take half of it out. You won't need it all, seriously - and too much weight can end up costing you money when you're travelling and want to send things home. Don't bother packing shower gel, shampoo and the like If you're off somewhere adventurous. In many places it's much cheaper to buy it when you're there. International postage and calls can soon mount up. When you're feeling a little homesick, find some Wi-Fi and load up your Skype contacts to chat to a friendly face for a fraction of the cost. skype Learn more at © 2011 Skype Limited

The Savvy Traveller

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Forget the Hitchhiker's Guide's command to take a towel on your (intergalactic) travels, we recommend taking blu-tack, duct tape, a sealable bag, contact lens cases and balloons. Even better, we re...



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