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Save Lives, Not Time: The Dangers of Speeding

Save Lives, Not Time I DRIVE SAFELY How Much You Lose (And How Little You Gain) By Speeding SPEEDOMETER We always seem to be in a hurry when we're in our cars. It's the power - we're not used to it. 5 mph The average human being can walk at around 5 mph; a sprinter can get up to 25 mph for a short while. That seems fast enough for us when we're strolling down a boardwalk, or even when we're sprinting. But put us behind the wheel and we're all-too-rarely satisfied with fast enough. 25 mph Speed is a factor in many traffic accidents, killing tens of thousands of people each year. And here's the kicker: speeding barely saves us any time at all. How much time do you actually save? Tim is going to Tina's house through a school zone where the limit is 25 mph. It takes 6 minutes to get there doing the speed limit. But if Tim were to break the law and go 35 mph, he'd only save two minutes. He'd get to Tina's house in 4 minutes instead of 6. 35 mph > minutes 2.5 miles 25 mph 2.5 miles 2 minutes That's right: Race through the school zone, and you save about 2 minutes every few miles. How dangerous speeding, really? Every 3 mph increase in speed doubles the risk of a crash that hurts someone. Less time to react Car becomes less maneuverable 32x Braking distance is drastically increased Risk increase of an accident that causes injury 64 x 8.0x Risk increase of an accident that causes injury Risk increase of an accident that causes injury 75 80 10 128x Risk increase of an accident 65 that causes injury 2.0x • Risk increase of an accident that causes injury MPH The faster you drive, the more damage you're going to do to yourself and what you hit. And it makes more of a difference than you might think. What a Little Speeding Can Do Think speed doesn't kill? The pedestrian you hit may disagree. Your speed can mean the difference between life and death. The faster you go, the greater the risk of death. 20mgh 30mgh 35mgh 40mgh 100 % increase in speed results in a 3500% increase in risk of death 2.5% 20% 50% 90% chancetheyll be kiled chance therl bekilod chance they I be kiled chance they lbe killed By slowing down just 20 mph, Tim could have saved a life. Save Lives, Not Time Always remember that you have a lot of power on the road - more, perhaps, than you know what to do with. Speeding hardly saves any time at all, but slowing down saves lives. Sources: I DRIVE SAFELY http/ Brought to you by: http:/ speecs/speed_facts http:/ (C (C (C

Save Lives, Not Time: The Dangers of Speeding

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Did you know if you speed, you're only saving a few minutes and risking danger to yourself, other drivers, and especially pedestrians? Check out this infographic on how it all breaks down and drive safely!


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