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Santa's Christmas Journey

SANTA"S CHRISTMAS JOURNEY UNUSUAL CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS What will he come up against? Everyone celebrates Christmas in different ways across the world, here are a few unique traditions that various countries have developed over the years. UK CZECH REPUBLIC VENEZUELA JAPAN During the process of making Christmas pudding, the British make a wish whilst stirring the ingredients in a clockwise On Christmas Eve, In Caracus on Christmas morning the roads are closed so people can roller skate together to mass. In Japan, Kentucky Fried Chicken is the traditional unmarried women toss one of their shoes over their Christmas dinner, it's so popular that you may have to order your KFC Christmas food 2 shoulder. If the shoe lands with the toe facing the door, the woman will be married direction. within the next year. months in advance! NORWAY Legend says that on Christmas Eve witches and evil spirits come out looking for brooms to ride on. To deter them, households should ensure that all brooms are well hidden. CHINA *: EL SALVADOR Santa Claus also known In El Salvador people open their presents at 12.00 am just after midnight mass. as "Christmas Old Man". As many people are not Christian in China their main Winter festival is Chinese new year which takes place at the end of January. AUSTRALIA AUSTRIA Often Christmas day is celebrated on the beach Men dress up as Krampus, the dark companion of St. Nicholas. According to with a 'barbie' or barbeque. Santa is sometimes depicted wearing red swimming trunks and children legend he warns and punishes all the naughty children. He is devilish looking with a dark brown hairy body, horns and a long tongue. leave cold food and drinks out for him. EXTREME CLIMATE CHANGE The weather around the world will vary wildly on Christmas Eve so Santa better make sure he packs his snow boots and summer shorts. USA MEXICO: BRAZIL AUSTRALIA 39°C 3°C 22°C 31°C RUSSIA CHINA UK GREECE -28°C -6°C 6°C 10°C FUNNY LAWS THAT STILL EXIST Some weird and wonderful historical laws which Santa needs to abide by when visiting various countries. THAILAND SANTA'S BOXER SANTA It is illegal to leave your house without underwear on DENMARK Legally you must check under your vehicle for sleeping children before you start the engine FRANCE Cannot sell an E.T doll because there is a law forbidding the sale of dolls without human faces A VENDRE !! 5' GREECE 4' In Athens your drivers license can be taken away if the driver is considered to be 'poorly dressed' or 'unbathed' POORLY DRESSED E Crime E 3' CANADA It is illegal to kill a sasquatch or Bigfoot if you ever see one UNITED KINGDOM It is illegal to eat a mince pie on Christmas Day! FUN CHRISTMAS FACTS 45% of the world celebrate Christmas MILKD The world's largest Christmas FOR SANTA present was THE STATUE OF LIBERTY. +/MILLION children leave given to the USA by France in 1886 mince pies and a drink for Santa on Christmas Eve in the UK 28% of sprouts bought in the week before Christmas are actually consumed To visit every house, Santa must visit 832 HOMES /SECOND SOURCES: |Case Luggage & Leather Goods webtise. online Success

Santa's Christmas Journey

shared by WebtiseUK on Nov 26
A fun Christmas infographic which includes unusual Christmas traditions, the climate change which Santa encounters, funny laws which Santa must abide by and fun Christmas facts.


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