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The Rise of the Female Hunter

THE T RISE OF THE FEMALE HUNTER It's time to redefine the hunter-gatherer archetype. Hunting isn't only reserved for men-there are more female hunters than ever before and the number is only continuing to grow. Let's take a look at the rise of the female hunter. THE CHANGING FACE OF HUNTING Since 2009, more women annually are taking up hunting than men. 25% * ***★ 13.7 MILLION TOTAL HUNTERS IN THE U.S. 1.5 MILLION TOTAL FEMALE HUNTERS. Increase in female hunters over the last eight years. The hunting industry has adapted to these changing demographics by developing women's hunting gear and shooting products, as well as hunter training workshops. DIVA WOMEN OUTDOORS WORLDWIDE DIVA WOW (Women Outdoors Worldwide) has been a leader in teaching and supporting women in hunting and outdoor activities. DIVA 30% 2014 MEMBERSHIP Increase in DIVA WOW WOMEN OUTDOORS WORLDWIDE memberships and clinic participation in 2014. ANYTHING YOU CAN DO... One challenge that many women face is hunting with men who underestimate their ability. That perception is gradually changing as more women take the sport. dn FUN FACT: USA MARGARET MURDOCK won a silver medal competing against men in rifle shooting in the 1976 Olympics. TAKING AIM What contributes to the rising popularity of hunting among women? FAMILY AND FRIENDS FREE-RANGE FOOD Hunting is a great opportunity to connect with husbands and children. Hunting allows for fresh, organic meat. Field dressing your own game is not a necessity-an expert will ensure it's being done properly Experienced relatives and friends can guide new hunters All-female hunting groups are becoming popular. DIVA VWOW reports that women are more likely to introduce friends to new outdoor activities. Hunting helps maintain a sustainable local ecosystem by preventing overpopulation. Overpopulation leads to starvation as animals struggle to find food duirng winter. THE GREAT OUTDOORS INDEPENDENCE Spending time in nature provides a better understanding of local habitats and wildlife. "Women are more independent than they've ever been, and they realize they are capable of hunting." - Brenda Valentine, the "First Lady of Hunting" Money from the hunting industry supports conservation programs. $200 million is distributed annually from federal hunting taxes, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service The portrayal of strong female heroines in movies like the Hunger Games have inspired young women. Archery and bow-hunting have become especially popular in recent years. FIELD ESSENTIALS Rather than shopping for children's sizes or wearing bulky hand-me-downs from male relatives, you now have plenty of options for hunting gear designed for women. A GOOD PAIR OF BOOTS • The most important piece of gear to MUCK ensure you can handle any terrain or weather. Muck Boot Company has a line of women's hunting boots for any season. • 100% waterproof Neoprene boots keep your feet warm and dry. DRESS IN LAYERS • Layered clothing will ensure you're comfortable and help you adapt to changing conditions throughout the day. Prois and SHE Outdoor Apparel offer an array of hunting pants, vests, jackets, and rain gear specifically for women. Don't forget the little things: Gloves, hats, scarves, sunglasses, and packs. Whether you're already an avid hunter or looking to get started, there's never been a better time to get outside and experience the thrill of the hunt! The Original MUCK BOOT COMPANY ber-of-us-women-buying-guns-for-hunting-and-personal-defense-spikes-sharply.html

The Rise of the Female Hunter

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Hunting was once considered a masculine pursuit, but in contemporary society, it's an activity that many women partake and excel in. Here's a little information on the rise of female hunters and on th...


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