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Restaurants Run on Tips

RESTAURANTS RUN ON TIPS There's no question about it: America likes to eat out. But when we do, how much do we tip the wait staff – and do we feel about the tipping culture in the U.S.? Visually partnered with SurveyMonkey® to find out. How often do you When dining at a restaurant, how often do you tip? dine at a restaurant? 28% More than once a week All the time Once a week 24% 2-3 times a month 27% 90% Once a month: 14% Most of the time: 7% Once every 3 months: 4% Some of the time: 2% Once every 6 months (or less often): 3% None of the time: 0.5% About half of the time: 0.5% How often do you vary the amount you tip How much do What is the primary you usually tip? reason you tip at a restaurant? based on the service? 1-5%: 2% 6-10%: 6% 11-15%: Slightly often: Feel that it is required 50% (e.g. this is the social norm) 20% 35% 16-20% of the bill: Moderately often: 24% Great service Not at all 56% often: 13% 34% Very often: 20% Great food: less than 1% Other: 15%*- 21-25%: Extremely often: 8% 15% More than 30%: 1% "I was once a server and so I know the industry and feel that tipping is fair and that these people work hard and deserve a tip." "A good testimony and a way to say 'Thank You' and acknowledge that they put forth effort just for me." "It's necessary to support the low wages of the wait staff; and it's the social norm. Extra "Part of the wage is the gratuity. Service and courtesy should be considered in determining the amount of the tip." goes for great service." "To Insure Promptness (TIP)" How often do you order takeout froma restaurant? When ordering takeout, how often do you tip? 2-3 times a month Once a Some of the time All the month I time: 17% Once every 3 months 24% 20% 14% 11% Once every Once a week 7.20% 6 months 12% 16% Once a year or less More than LNever: 43% once a week: 7% -About half the time: 5% Most of the time: 11% If given the choice between tipping structures, which would you prefer? If the cultural norm of tipping did not exist, how likely would you be to tip? The current pricing structure Very likely Moderately likely 85% 35% 27% 15% Extremely likely 13% Slightly likely 10% Automatically include gratuity into the price of items on the menu: 15% Not at all likel Whose opinions are these? We used SurveyMonkey Our Audience Audience to reach over 500 U.S. adults. Gender Age 34% 30% 17% 54% 43% Male Female 30-44 45-60 Household income Education 31% Less than high school degree less than 1% High school degree 8% 18% +19% 17% 16% Some college 24% Associate or bachelor degree 36% Graduate 31% degree Location New England 7.47% Pacific 20.63% West North East North O Central 15.72% Central Middle 6.09% Atlantic Mountain 12.57% South 7.47% Atlantic 16.9% East South Central 4.34% West South Central 8.84% 20.63% 4.34% SurveyMonkey visual. ly Designed by anibalinfographics %2S %24 09+ 18-29 $150,000+

Restaurants Run on Tips

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Americans love to eat out. But when they do, how much do they tip -- and more importantly, how much do they think they should tip, and how do they feel about our tipping culture? Visually and SurveyMo...


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