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Redefining Action Hero

REDEFINING ACTION HERO BILL GATES IS BETTER THAN BATMAN Jon Stewart of the Daily Show called Bill Gates "Batman" after discussing his philanthropic work towards eradicating polio internationally and improving the US education system. Bill Gates is saving so many lives - over 5 million and counting - that he may turn out to be better than Batman. BEYOND GOTHAM Bill Gates has saved 5,812,000 LIVES by bringing vaccines and improved healthcare to children internationally. 3.4 1.2 MILLION MILLION lives saved from lives saved from HEPATITIS B MEASLES 560 474 140 THOUSAND THOUSAND THOUSAND lives saved from lives saved from lives saved from HIB BACTERIA WHOOPING COUGH YELLOW FEVER 30 THOUSAND THOUSAND lives saved from lives saved from POLIO PNEUMONIA PROJECTED LIVES SAVED BY 2019: 7.6 MILLION (all children under 5) JOINING A LEAGUE OF LEGENDS: CREATING LEGACY OF GIVING ANDREW WARREN JOHN D. CARNEGIE BUFFET ROCKEFELLER Steel Industrialist who Business magnate, Oil industrialist and gave away 90% of his investor, and a good investor who gave fortune to friend of Bill Gates, $550 million to philanthropic causes who has pledged to philanthropic causes by his death in 1919 give away 99% of his by his death in 1937 (Adjusted for inflation, fortune (He already has (Adjusted for inflation, this would be about given away 65% of his this would be about $11 $6.5 billion today) $50 billion net worth) billion today) BILL & MELINDA GATES As of 2007, they have given $28 BILLION TO CHARITY (That's 48% of their net worth) $59 BILLION The Gates' net worth ($2 billion more than the US budget for foreign aid) His extensive giving is the reason he's technically not the richest man in the world Along with wife Melinda and multi-billionaire Warren Buffet, Bill Gates has been encouraging other wealthy Americans to give to philanthropic causes, founding THE GIVING PLEDGE where they can PUBLICLY COMMIT TO GIVING AWAY HALF THEIR NET WORTH IN THEIR LIFETIME Estimated net worth of those committed to giving half their wealth through $357 BILLION That's at least $178.5 BILLION to philanthropic causes Some noteworthy donors who've committed to The Giving Pledge and their total net worth: PAUL WARREN BARRON GEORGE ALLEN BUFFET HILTON LUCAS $13.2 BILLION $50 BILLION $2.5 BILLION $3.25 BILLION DAVID TED MARK ROCKEFELLER TURNER ZUCKERBERG $2.2 BILLION $1.8 BILLION $17.5 BILLION Net worth of the FORBES 400 WEALTHIEST AMERICANS: $1.2 TRILLION If they gave 50% of their wealth (What Bill Gates encourages as a "minimum, ") $600 BILLION would go to philanthropic causes MORE THAN 2X the combined charitable donations of the entire US in 2010 RALLYING THE TROOPS: MORE THAN HIS RE SOURCES BILL & MELINDA GATES UNITED UNICEF NATIONS THE ET. AL WORLD BANK Bill Gates worked with UNICEF, THE WORLD BANK, THE UN, and various other groups to form THE GAVI ALLIANCE (formerly known as Global Alliance for Vaccines & Immunisation) THE GAVI ALLIANCE efforts resulted in Pharmaceutical Companies lowering the cost of vaccines Standard 5-germ inoculation 40% CHEAPER Hepatitis B inoculation 68% CHEAPER Rotavirus vaccination (From $102/dose to $2.50/dose) 99% CHEAPER "[The] hybrid engine of self-interest and concern for others can serve a much wider circle of people than can be reached by self interest or caring alone." Bill Gates GATES PERSONALLY... .. donated $1 Billion to *** spent $200 Million to ... gave voice to billions THE GAVI ALLIANCE rescue a polio vaccine when he fought for (1/3 of the total companies feared would global health reform at funding raised) be unprofitable the G-20 summit "If you show people the problems and you show people the solutions they will be moved to act." Bill Gates While Bill Gates may not have the Batmobile or spend much time punching out bad guys, he solves real problems across the globe. He doesn't mope around and his attire is far less conspicuous-and his results are both measurable and undeniable. END Brought to you by FRUGAL DAD Sources in philanthropy/an_american_life in philanthropy/an_american_life ?id 14800 roports/philanthropy_individual.htmi ws/intelligence-report/archive/who-gets-us-foreign-sid.html http://festures.blogs.fortune, Warren-Buttett COR3 http://www.forbes com/lists/2008/54/400list08_William-Gates-I1 BH69.html Hilton http://www, to-give-away-half-their-wealth html story.html 00

Redefining Action Hero

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I have a lot of respect for Bill Gates. Not just because he’s been wildly successful, but because as far as I can understand, he’s kept a steady head about him in spite of his success. As one of t...


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