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The Real DNA of Retirement

THE REAL DNA OF 23 29 23 18 34 ReTi Re Me) Nt 018.005 020.009 018.005 013.005 014.020 REVEALED Candid soul searching, scientific robes, goosebumps, Skipton Building Society's journey to uncovering the true psyche of tomorrow's retirees Bespoke Physiological Testing Roots Out True Emotions OUR SUBCONSCIOUS SPEAKS THE REJECTS RETIREMENT TESTS REVEAL THAT THE UK PHYSICALLY TRUTH STEREOTYPES Tomorrow's retirees repulsed by the idea of 'waiting for God' Subjects' bodies reject the idea of retirement Goosebumps reveal excitement about adventure Signs of stress unearth truths about financial worries meaning the end QUALITATIVE, QUANTITATIVE AND Creates UK first for financial services, providing unique insight into INNER THOU GHTS of PHYSIOLOGICAL RESEARCH future retirees. "This is something truly original, digging deep into respondents' true feelings. Connecting their conscious and their unconscious, we are able to see how our defining characteristics map out our futures." Dr Jack Lewis, Leading neuroscience consultant UNIQUE RETIREMENT FINGERPRINT Tomorrow's retirees will not be pigeon-holed FORGET STEREOTYPES, PENSIONERS OF THE FUTURE ARE COMPLEX 5 key personas Revealed to be driving retire ment dreams, but each retiree will have a unique retirement fingerprint. 18 25 38 Ac Ad Co Kn (Wo 001.003 001.004 003.015 011.014 023.015 ACTIVITY SEEKER ADVENTURER COMFORT SEEKER KNOWLEDGE SEEKER WORKER WALKING/RAMBLING SWIMMING YOGA GO ON SAFARI GO SAILING CLIMB A MOUNTAIN SPEND TIME WITH FAMILY GARDENING COOKING/BAKING SOCIALISE WITH FRIENDS TAKE UP ARTS AND CRAFTS ENROL IN A CLASS VOLUNTEER/CHARITY WORK GET A PART-TIME JOB LEARN NEW SKILL/TRADE Wo Ad Wo Wo Ad Kn Kn RETIREMENT Retirement is increasingly becoming about work uplift in su bconscious response when 35%0 discussing doing part-time work in FOCUS RETIREMENT IS STILL ABOUT retirement being worthwhile FAMILY UNIVERSAL TRUTHS subconscious uplift 70 when discussing family time and leisure There are still common desires for retirement We see a 144% UPLIFT RETIREMENT IS STILL ABOUT RELAXATION AND TRAVEL in subconscious responses when discussing travel PERSONAL CONFLICT While most subjects were aligned in their conscious and subconscious there were some key differences between the two in certain areas. COMFORT SEEKERS CRAVED ADVENTURE. ADVENTURERS ACTUALLY CRAVED COMFORT. How well do you know yourself? THE SAME PROBLEMS ARE STILL HERE. .BUT THE GAPS ARE GETTING BIGGER AND THINGS NEED TO CHANGE Danger of a generation of broken dreams NEARLY 1/4 DON'T HAVE A 28% SHOWED AN RETIREMENT RETIREMENT PLAN INDIFFERENCE TOWARDS 50% FEEL UNPREPARED FOR RETIREMENT AT 10-15 YEARS OUT 30% HAVE NO IDEA "The se are worrying findings - we cannot have a country of people bursting with aspiration, whose dreams are then struck down WHAT THEY HAVE IN THEIR by apathy or aversion to financial planning." RETIREMENT POTS David Cutter, Skipton Building Society CEO STARTING OUT WITH A BLANK PIECE OF PAPER CAN BE SCARY Because everyone is different we will avoid assumptions about your future when helping you plan for your retirement. ROYAL "When you say you're retired, you're just one of a big mass." Research respondent FULFILLING RETIREMENT DREAMS "Go to the World Cup and get my badges, UEFA B and UEFA A next" "T'd like to sell my business, invest half and travel with the rest for about three years." "I want to indulge my interest in classic cars." Skipton is on a mission to help people tap into their dreams for the future and has launched new retirement focused services to the nation's retirees. "Maybe buy a tourer van or a house or cottage in Ireland." SKIPTON @skiptonBS @skiptonBS_press BUILDING SOCIETY #Retirement DNA For life ahead 8)

The Real DNA of Retirement

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Skipton Building Society have this week released some ground-breaking research, which was supported by BBC correspondent Jennie Bond and leading Neuroscientist Dr Jack Lewis. This research was combine...


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