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From Rage to Romance, Red is the Color of Passion!

From Rage to Romance RED is the color of Passion! Red is the perfect color to depict extremes. Love, seduction, adventure, beget their warmth and beauty from this amazing primary color. violence, magic, anger too many things energy, SHADE VARIATIONS OF RED There are 285 shades of Red that are visible to the naked eye. Venetian Red #C80815 Maroon Carmine # 830300 #99001C Most intense shade of Turkey Red Crimson #A9172E #E6192C RED Ruby #B20022 Scarlet #FF1A00 RoseWood Rosso Corsa #65000B Auburn #D40000 #932724 WHAT INDUSTRIES USE RED? Red captures and reflects the true feel of a brand. Industries that use it more frequently: AM FOOD ENTERTAINMENT FASHION SPORTS BROADCAST MEDIA BRANDS THAT USE RED & WHY? well to the sports Red is an invigorating color that teams, fashion enthusiasts, foodies, and the net geeks. serves Ask NETFLIX Levi's DURABILITY | STRENGTH CURIOSITY | HONESTY GLAMOR | LEISURE LEADERSHIP SIMPLICITY ENTERTAINMENT ANCHESTER You Tube UNITED PASSION | RIVALRY INFORMATION | FUN COMPETITION | FIRE TRADITION VIRAL MOTION CNN) KFC SPICY | DELECTABLE SENSATION | POLITICS ENERGY | SPIRIT CHALLENGE APPETIZING PROPAGANDA IMPORTANCE OF RED IN WEDDING Chinese brides traditionally wear red wedding dresses for good luck. At Japanese weddings, brides eventually remove their white kimonos to reveal colored ones, usually red, which symbolize their rebirth into their husband's family. In countries, such as, Pakistan and India, it is almost necessary for the bride to wear red accessories over her red dress on the wedding. Red is quite in for wedding monograms around the world. Here are the three winning shades for monograms in 2015: Alex & Jane Alev & Jany January 31, 2012 Alex 8Jane January 31, 2012 Jauary 31,2012 CRIMSON | FUCHSIA | VERMILLION FUN FACTS Hair Red Stripes Russia As few as two percent of people in the United The red stripes on the United States Flag stand for courage. Red also means "Веautiful" in Russian. States have red hair. Bull 23 Ruby The word "ruby" comes from the Latin word rubens, make bulls angry; they are The color red doesn't really There are at least 23 different shades of meaning "red". color-blind. red yons. "When in doubt wear red." -Bill Blass II dn Designmantic

From Rage to Romance, Red is the Color of Passion!

shared by DesignMantic on Apr 03
Red is the color of passion that depicts extreme emotions, such as, love, seduction, adventure, energy, violence, magic, anger. This interactive infographic explains how and where it does that.




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