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Put Your Best Face Forward: Skin Care and More

Put Your Best Face Forward: Skin Care & More Your skin is the largest organ of your body. That's reason enough to take good care of it! A thorough skin care routine is essential to improve and maintain the health, look and feel of your skin. Take better care of your skin with healthy skin care tips from the experts at NorthShore University HealthSystem. NorthShore University Health S ystem Morning Routines Women: Women spend ~474 DAYS of their lives applying cosmetics. The average woman spends -17 MINUTES applying eye makeup each day. That's ~3.3 hours each week. 78% 66% of women 54% of women of women say foundation is a daily makeup must. think lipstick and lip gloss are a necessity. use mascara each day. refuse to shave because of the -15% of men they experience from shaving. Men: DISCOMFORT The average man spends ~3,000 HOURS shaving in his lifetime. ~78% experience of men SKIN IRRITATION from shaving. ~75% shave their face of men every day. RAZOR BURN? Śwap bladed razors for an electric razor. here are some SHAVE IN THE SHOWER, or immediately after, when hair is softer. TIPS: SPLASH YOUR FACE with cold water after your shave to prevent inflammation. When Does Did you know skin care products don't last forever? it Expire? These simple guidelines will help you determine when it's time to throw old products out. Skin Care: ANTI-AGING & ACNE TREATMENT PRODUCTS last between 3 months to a year. Check for specific expiration dates on packaging. If you notice a change in color, texture or smell, it may have expired. FOR OPTIMAL SKIN PROTECTION, replace your sunscreen every year and reapply every 2 TO 4 HOURS. That should be easy since you should use enough sunscreen to FILL A SHOT GLASS EACH TIME you apply sunscreen to your entire body. Help your products last longer by storing them in cool, dry places. TIP Shampoo, conditioners, bar soaps and shower gels last up to 3/ YEARS Common ingredients in Bath & Shower: cleansers include GLYCOLIC ACID AND RETINOL. If expired, these ingredients can cause allergic reactions. Studies have shown that 66% Makeup: of women USE EXPIRED MAKEUP. Lip gloss and lipstick can last up to 6 MONTHS. Mascara and eyeliner should be replaced EVERY 3 T0 4 MONTHS. Eye makeup accumulates bacteria quickly. Replace it frequently to avoid eye infections like pink eye. Face powders can last up to 2 YEARS. Using old face powder or foundation can irritate the skin and cause acne-like bumps. Other Products: THE CHEMICAL BALANCE in perfume and cologne can alter if stored for too long, causing skin iritations and allergic reactions. Shaving cream and deodorant last up to PERFUME AND COLOGNE LAST UP TO 2 YEARS. YEARS To make your perfume and cologne last longer, store in a cool, dark place. Unique Skin Care Tips Good skin care is more than just what you put on your skin. Namaste: Exercise: 15 Exercise increases blood flow, which NOURISHES SKIN MILLION Americans practice and allows sweat glands to get rid of toxins. yoga. When you exercise, the body produces natural oils that give skin a natural glow. Yoga may reduce skin inflammation and aging caused by stress. QUIET YOUR sweet tooth: DRINK green tea: Research shows that drinking green and black tea may help prevent skin cancer and prevent wrinkle development. CONSUMING SUGAR may damage collagen, which can cause skin to lose smoothness and firmness. EAT pumpkin: Pumpkins get their orange hue from carotenoids, which are wrinkle-fighting plant pigments that can slow the skin's aging process. CHOOSE A superfruit: Pumpkins are full of enzymes and vitamins C, E and A, which all help cleanse the skin. Pomegranates are full of inflammation-fighting antioxidants. How to make a pomegranate face mask – Combine 2 tablespoons of seeds, 1 cup of uncooked oatmeal, 2 tables poons of honey and 2 tablespoons of buttermilk. Apply to the face for a few minutes then rinse. TIP The Fountain of Youth 1/5 Americans will develop skin cancer in his or her lifetime. Women: Men: 30% In 2012, there were Men spend more time in the sun 32,000 of men are aware of the signs of skin cancer than women but new cases of are less likely to melanoma in women. use sunscreen. In 2012, there were 41% of women 44,250 are aware of the new cases of signs of skin cancer. melanoma in men. DERMATOLOGISTS' TOP TIP: SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN! SUN DAMAGE is the leading APPLY SPF 30+ DAMAGE by UVA and UVB rays can cause spider veins, daily to protect your cause of skin from harmful UVA unwanted changes and UVB rays that damage skin cells. age spots, wrinkles and melanomas. to the skin. Vitamin A: Vitamin A can help HEAL DRY & DISCOLORED SKIN. You can find Vitamin A in the following foods: Low-fat milk and cheese Eggs Dark greens like kale Oranges Look for facial creams or TIP serums with Vitamin A to Carrots rejuvenate your skin. Sources:

Put Your Best Face Forward: Skin Care and More

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Skin is the largest organ of your body. The natural aging process, sun exposure and the everyday wear and tear of the elements can take a toll on the look and feel of your skin. Learn more about healt...


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