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The Psychology of Colors

THE ECONOMIC TIMES 16 magazine centrespread AUGUST 26-SEPTEMBER O1, 2012 centrespread magazine 17 THE ECONOMIC TIMES AUGUST 26-SEPTEMBER O1, 2012 COLOURS IN THERAPY Several ancient cultures, including the Egyptians and Chinese, practiced chromotherapy, or using colours to heal. Chromotherapy is also referred to as light therapy or colourology and is used today as a holistic or alternative treatment WHAT COLOUR TO PAINT YOUR HOME AND WHY GIRL'S ROOM Pink: Calming, Warm BEDROOM Red: Used to stimulate the body and mind and to increase circulation Yellow: Thought to stimulate the Tr Health and Indigo: Thought to alleviate skin problems Orange: Used to heal the lungs & increase energy levels Blue: Believed to soothe illnesses and treat pain DINING ROOM nerves and Green: purify the body Red Encourages Appetite LIVING ROOM Relaxation OFFICE ACCENT COLOURS Lavender: Allows Blue Productivity Brown: Orange: Pink Calming Reliability Boredom Excitement Warmth Caution Whites Purity Practicality Earth Black Evil Love nocence Empty Spacious Romance Also used to draw attention; signage Death Purples KITCHEN Yellow: Increases Metabolism, Gives Energy "Drunk tank pink" was used in US prisons to calm inmates Royatty Wealth Great for creating illusion of space Mourning Slimming Ancient Egyptians believed it symbolised life & rebirth Success Wisdom Many kings wore purple robes Green: Health Tranquility Money Nature Psychology Colours The Workers in green environment have fewer stomach aches PRIMARY COLOURS BLUE calmness or serenity Graphic: Alankar COLOURS IN ADVERTISING Source:, Most Preferred By Men Most used Colour for offices (People are more prodUctive in blue rooms) YELLOW Curbs Appetite Associated with Water + Peace Cheerful or GREEN BLUE RED Ever wondered why McDonald's, KFCand Pizza Huthaveadashof redin their logos? Because the colour red whetsappetite. ET Magazinelooksatthemany shades of colour that makeus see things differently BLACK WHITE SILVER GOLD often used for luxury items to enhance the feeling of sophisfication v Chanel v Prada v Michael Kors LAVENDER PINK WHITE Warm A symbol of fer- Fility + was the preferred colour of choice for wedding gowns in 15th cénfury Even today green M+Ms (an American choCo- late candy) are said to send a sexual message. HISTORY TEST often used in corporate business because it is productive + not invasive Many restaurants use it to stimu- late appetite McDonald's v Pizza Hut RED Most Likely to Strain Eyes or Cause Eye Fatigue More feminine, helps target audi- ence verý quickl and is clean + Makes Babies Cry (Don't paint a baby's room yellow, because they are more prone to crying) V Forbes V AT+T v BlueShield of California v Blue Cross of Idaho Shudies Show Red Can Make You do Poorly in Exams! V KFC Wendys Popeye's calming V National Breast Cancer Foundation Evokes Encourages Appetife (Many'restaurants use red in their signage/ads) Red is hypothesised to impair performance on achievement tasks, bęcause it is associated with danger of failure in achievement contexts + evokes avoidance motivation Strong Emotiovns Passion or Intensity Red Roses Symbolise Victoria's Secret Love v MtM's

The Psychology of Colors

shared by Alankar on Sep 10
Ever wondered why McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut have a dash of red in their logos? Because the colour red whets appetite. ET Magazine looks at the many shades of colour that make us see things differently




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