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Prosumer Report - Aging Moving Beyond Youth Culture

Attitudes Toward Aging Looking to Live “Just Long Enough" 12 Pushing Back the Clock "May you builad a ladder to the stars. And climb on every rung. May you stay forever young." -"Forever Young"/Bob Dylan The world has done a tremendous job of extending the human timeline over the past two centuries. From an average life expectancy of 40 in 1800, we're now up to 67 years globally, with a high of nearly 83 years in Japan. At the same time, more years spent in school and the postponement of marriage, procreation, and even "growing up" means we're pushing the limits of youth ever further. Our study respondents expect to age gracefully, think they're already aging better than most of their peers-and won't worry about being old until their 70s. 59% feel younger than their age 77% 23% 21% 55% VS. have had or would I lintend to age gracefully; | there's no shame in growing old I intend to fight aging every step of the way; l'll do anything and everything to stay youthful longer consider cosmetic surgery to look younger think they look younger than most people their age At what age do men/women reach their...peak? 49 Physical (in terms of strength and fitness) Men Women 42 Physical (in terms of attractivness) Sexual Mental 37 Creative Wisdom 34 34 44 33 39 48 71 34 35 is the beginning of middle age is the beginning of old age 31 31 What We Fear We're all aware of the perceived benefits of aging-experience, expertise, and wisdom, among them-but few welcome the more deleterious changes "You begin to forget things like who you are, you are, why you're where you are, how'd you get to where you are and where the hell'd you park the car. And if you walk too far, will you need some CPR?" -"Getting Old Sucks"/Sudden Death where typically associated with one's advancing years. What worries people most? Loss of independence, cognitive decline, and bank accounts that run out before they do. Which aspects of aging worry you ? Showing top 5 and bottom 5 worries based on global score Male Female 69 69 68 68 63 62 58 59 57 Running out of money Mourning the deaths of my contemporaries Diminished Diminished Illness or pain physical capacity mental capacity 47 52 45 48 45 46 41 47 41 44 Losing touch with what's happening in the world Losing the respect of others/social stature Becoming physically unattractive Not being supported by my children Being bored What scares us less as the time grows nearer? Showing % worried about death and dying 42 Age 18-34 Getting Out While the Getting's Good Age 35-54 38 Age 55+ 30 For all our assumptions that life etemal is the be-all and end-all of human aspiration, our study has uncovered a conflicting truth: People don't just worry about dying too young, but also about living too old. The idea of immortality loses its appeal when permanent youth and good health aren't part of it. That's a real issue at a time when medical and nutritional advances are stretching lifespans ever further: Every decade since 1950, the estimated number of people living beyond 100 has doubled in most developed countries. "Now don't hang on nothin' last forever but the earth and sky it slips away and all your money won't another minute buy" -"Dust in the Wind"/Kansas 42% 4-10 44% in would rather not live into their late 90s/early 100s; they'd rather die earlier, when they're less frail and have more independence would consider physician-assisted suicide if their physical health deteriorated sufficiently worry that new technologies and medical advances will extend people's lives to the detriment of society and the planet 49% 46% believe physician-assisted suicide should be legal believe there is a life after death Would you take a pill that would guarantee you'd live to 10o but with no certainties about your medical or physical condition? 28% 72% Yes No Source: Prosumer Report. All data shown is global. Read more at Follow us on Twitter @prosumer_report EURO RSCG WORLDWIDE 69

Prosumer Report - Aging Moving Beyond Youth Culture

shared by NFC17 on Oct 28
Infographic designed for Havas Worldwide which explores the pushback against society's youth obsession and a fear of living too long.”


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