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Pretty in Plastic

PRETTY N PLASTIC PLASTIC SURGERY STATISTICS * Map rankings based off percentage of surgeries. 8. Italy S. Korea France China USA Japan 6. Mexico 10 Columbia The USA remains the plastic surgery capital of India the world when it comes to sheer numbers of lifts, tucks, and implants. According to the latest analysis from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, Brazil is not far behind. But rates by population actually are higher in South Korea, Greece and Italy, where more than 10 procedures were performed for every 1,000 people. The society's report covers 6.3 million surgeries and 8.3 million non-surgical procedures performed by plastic surgeons in 2011. Just over Brazil 1 million procedur 21%, USA. In 2010, nearly 9.5 million cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical procedures were performed in the U.S. Breast augmentation was the most frequently performed operation and still is now. ASAPS, which has collected statistics on plastic surgery procedures since 1997, says the total number of procedures done for cosmetic reasons has increased 155 % since then. were done in the COUNTRY OST OBSESSED I think South Korea has a very rigorous and narrow definition of beauty because we're an ethnically homogenous society and everyone looks pretty much the same. It's also related to low self-esteem. high school students about "plastic surgery syndrome." An e-Seoul survey reported last year The plastic surgery industry has stormed in Asia with Korea having the largest clientele. The Economist first reported in a 2009 survey that 1 in 5 women from Seoul, Korea has undergone some sort of plastic surgery. According to the report, +360,000 procedures were performed in 2012, with the most common procedures being liposuction, nose jobs (rhinoplasty), and double eyelid surgery (blepharoplastyl. In Asia, it's very common for patients looking" eyes. Just a decade or so ago, the majority of Koreans receiving plastic surgery were in their 20s and 30s. But that majority appears to be shrinking as more teenagers go under the knife-so much so that, in 2011, South Korea's Ministry of Education issued a booklet to warn by Korea JoongAng Daily found that 41.4% of teens were "willing to have plastic surgery SOUTH KOREA #1 for beauty." It could be mere coincidence that, with the incredible rise of K-pop, the plastic surgery age Joo Kwon, Seoul Plastic Surgeon may be trending younger. However, while it's difficult to prove a direct correlation, it's no secret (PER CAPÍTA) want more "Western- that K-pop stars are recognized not only for their music, but also for their physical appearance. And what's become almost trademark for most 1 IN 5 WOMEN FROM SEOUL, KOREA HAS UNDERGONE SOME SORT OF PLASTIC SURGERY. Kpop idols are features like double eyelids and high-bridged noses, facial features that many East Asians aren't necessarily born with. Even members of Korean boy bands are known to be "pretty. TOP 5 SURGICAL PROCEDURES IN 2011 TOTAL SURGICAL PROCEDURES IN 2011 TOP FIVE RANKED COUNTRIES TOP TEN RANKED COUNTRIES * National Societies of the following countries materially restated their country's estimated number of plastic surgeons in 2010 compared to the figure used in 2009: Brazil; China; Colombia; France; Italy, and United Kingdom. This may affect ranking comparisons, since 2009 rankings were not recomputed. GERMANY 10 187,193 BREAST AUGMENTATION FRANCE 9 207,049 LIPOPLASTY (liposuction) USA BRAZIL S. KOREA 8 191,439 ABDIMINOPLASTY (eyelid surgery) ITALY 7 258,350 MEXICO 316,470 OBLEPHAROPLASTY (nose surgery) INDIA 5 299,835 BREAST LIFT CHINA JAPAN MEXICO JAPAN 4 372,773 CHINA 3 415,140 BRAZIL 2 905,124 USA 1 1,094,146 WHAT DO? DID THEY UPPER ARM LIFT CHIN AUGMENTATION BUTTOCK AUGMENTATION VAGINAL REJUVENATION FOREHEAD LIFT THIGH LIFT LIP AUGMENTATION --- LOWER BODY LIFT (OTHER THAN INJECTABLES) BUTTOCK LIFT OTOPLASTY (EAR SURGERY) LIPOPLASTY GYNECOMASTIA (MALE BREAST REDUCTION) 9,462,391 FACE LIFT INVASIVE PROCEDURES BREAST BREAST REDUCTION AUGMENTATION (WOMEN) BREAST LIFT BLEPHAROPLASTY RHINOPLASTY ABDOMINOPLASTY WHAT'S BENG SPENT? $1.7 Billion Injectable Procedures With the fairly recent economic collapse, people are still forking out the big bucks to spend on cosmetic surgery. In 2010, about 7 million surgical and non-surgical procedures were performed. Only one year later, it increased to 10 million procedures. Some insist there's a direct connection to economy. One plastic surgeon says a lot of people have cosmetic procedures done to increase their chances of finding a job; he says people think if they look better, they're more likely to get work, and beat out someone who doesn't look as good. He says even the unemployed are getting work done: “That's their stimulus-spending money trying to get into the workforce." Almost half of Americans have less than $10,0000 saved for retirement, but millions of us are running ot the plastic surgeon. $10 $1.6 Billion Rejuvenation Procedures BILLION $360 Million Non-Surgical Procedures $6.2 Billion Non-Surgical Procedures

Pretty in Plastic

shared by thatssowong on Jul 04
An infographic showcasing data on cosmetic surgery in the world in 2011. (Based off of per capita as well as percentage)


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