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Presidential Hair Styles Guide

* * * * * * * * * PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE HAIR HOW-TO OGLE SCHOOL HAIR • SKIN • NAILS We asked a professional stylist how the presidential hopefuls get their signature looks and how much they might cost the average voter. Pull off a presidential look of your own with the following guide. DONALD TRUMP Style name: EXTREME COMBOVER How to get Donald Trump's haircut: Ask for shorter lengths all around with a deep side part on the left. Keep the middle long and prepare for the need to style daily. Apply a texture powder throughout the wisps of hair. Bumble and Blow-dry to activate Step texture powder. Fluff the front piece Step down over the face to the right, then fold over gently at the middle, then bring Bumble Prêt-à-Powder would add volume to the the bottom of the length back up and over to the left as if you were folding cotton candy. This will sparse areas. create the illusion of fuller hair in sparse areas. Spray in place with a firm-hold Optional: Step A With a new Step 3 toothbrush, brush eyebrows up and leave in the upward position. hairspray. $400 Cost: On-demand stylist HILLARY CLINTON = Style LAYERED BOB name: How to get Hillary Clinton's haircut: Ask for a chin-length bob with subtle layers that have a blunt-looking finish at the ends. Bangs are wispy, worn to the side and end above the eyebrows. Prep damp hair with a grape-sized Starting with damp Set with a Step Step hairspray. Step hair and a 1.5" amount of round barrel brush, volumizing mousse. blow-dry hair under, creating volume around the face. $125 Cost: In-house blowout daily TED CRUZ * **** * Style MEN'S RETRO CUT name: How to get Ted Cruz's haircut: Ask for a deep side part, slightly shorter on the sides and about an inch long in the middle to accommodate his slight wave texture. Using a Use a pomade to slick the hair down to the scalp. Step rattail comb, Step take the pointed end and create a deep side part. Cost: $14.99 for a carbon fiber rattail comb BERNIE SANDERS ******* Style COMB FORWARD name: How to get Bernie Sanders's haircut: Ask for hair trimmed to a Comb the sides Step Step down and the back short length at of the hair up and the sides with the back hair forward towards the middle of length left slightly longer so the head. it can be combed forward and upward to create the illusion of volume, $9.99 T $2 $1 Cost: Barber Tip Conair comb MARCO RUBIO Style name: MEN'S CLASSIC '70S COMBOVER How to get Marco Rubio's haircut: Ask for a deep side part with the hair kept all the same shorter length throughout. Explain that your hair will be brushed at the top from the part over to the opposite side. On damp hair, apply pomade and/or grooming cream. Do not use a comb, as that will create frizz. Once hair is Step) trimmed, comb down the sides and comb the hair on the top from the part over to the opposite Step side of the head. $50 weekly Pomade •$24.99 Cost: Barber RAND PAUL = Style CURL AND SET name: How to get Rand Paul's haircut: Rand Paul has stated he "is his own barber." If you'd like a professional stylist to recreate his signature curls, ask for a cut that allows your natural curls to retain their shape. Once the hair is After washing with a shampo0 and conditioner, Apply a pea-sized Step Step Step 3 dry, a use your fingers to comb through the curls. Don't use a comb or brush, as this will amount of gel throughout the hair and allow your hair to air-dry. If you must blow-dry, use a diffuser attached to the end of half-pea-sized amount of pomade can be used to tame any frizzy curls. the dryer and scrunch the hair in towards the dryer. cause naturally curly hair to friz. $9.99 $5.99 $7.99 Cost: Cutting shears Gel Pomade OGLE SCHOOL HAIR • SKIN • NAILS

Presidential Hair Styles Guide

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A signature appeal, such as hair style can dramatically change the outcome of the upcoming elections for any of the presidential candidates in the US. This opinion is shared not only by political expe...




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