Pool Safety Infographic

Pool Safety: Steps to Take to Prevent Drownings Drowning Statistics 58% Each day, an average of 9. of parents don't consider drowning a threat to their children people drown in the U.S. (National Safe Kids Campaign) Highest drowning rates are for Drowning is the children ages 1-5 leading &t cause of death For infants aged 1-4. adolescents ages 15-24. 75% 14 19% E of preschoolers who drown of children who drown LIFE GUARD are out of site for less than do so in a public pool ON DUTY with a certified 5 minutes lifeguard present Top 10 states where drowning is the leading cause of death For children under the age of 14 HI AK AZ FL MN OR NU UT WA CA For every child who drowns, 41411+ receive emergency care for nonfatal injuries related to submersion. Safety Tips to Prevent Drowning %23%23%33+++ %23 Four-sided fencing has shown to decrease the number of drownings anywhere from 50 to 90 percent. Maintain strict pool rules to avoid horse play, Add a child safe self closing, self latching gate running near the pool. Get your child swimming lessons (many public pools offer them for free) Don't swim alone. CPR FIRST AID KIT Make sure adults that are TRAINING supervising children are trained in CPR and first aid. Make sure your filtration system/drain/ pump are not an entrapment risk. CPR Avoid alcohol while swimming or while supervising a child. Кeep your poo дгounds maintained, including clear walkways around the pool. Remain focused on the child at all times, and make sure babysitters are fully versed on the dangers of drowning. Keep approved flotation devices and rescue equipment available and easy to access NO DIVING Have clear guidelines on where diving is allowed (if at all). Additional Tips Properly install a safety cover when the pool season ends. Make sure pool covers are completely removed when using the pool to avoid entrapment. Remove steps from above ground pools when not in use. Make sure your drain covers are compliant uwith the Pool & Spa Safety Act. Remove any nearby furniture or other items that could be used to climb over the fence. Remove or repair any slippery or damaged deck surfaces and railings. DrowningStatistics2011.pdf

Pool Safety Infographic

shared by berae11x2 on Oct 03
This infographic provides in-depth knowledge on how to keep your pool environment safe and therefore, prevent drownings. The first section lists a several shocking statistics about drownings; how they...


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