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Picking The Perfect Office Plant

Picking The Perfect OFFICE PLANT Plants have a ton of benefits for office-workers -- they can brighten up a drab cubicle, make you happier and more productive just by looking at them, and even clean the air. Read on to see which plants are best for your desk. Pick a plant that will... GROW IN LOW BE RELATIVELY LIGHT CONDITIONS LOW MAINTENANCE Chinese Tillandsia evergreen ADD INTERESTING Jade SCREEN BETVWEEN COLORS OR TEXTURES Philodendron DESKS OR SPACES Golden pothos Parlor Fittonia palm Aloe Bamboo Peace lily African violet Spider plant Umbrella plant Snake plant Mini cacti Dracaena Orchid zz plant Ming Aralia Haworthia Croton Ferns Choose a good plant for desks that are... NEAR A WINDOW IN AN OPEN-PLAN OFFICE IN A LOW-LIGHT SPACE Snake plant Philodendron Aloe ZZ plant Golden pothos Mini cacti Peace lily African violet Spider plant Succulents, which need a lot of light, can be placed on a sunny windowsill. African violets are a pickier plant, but will bloom with bright, indirect light -- place them about three feet from a south or west-facing window. If your goal is to create some privacy between you and your deskmates, pick a plant that grows taller foliage. Make sure they're tolerant of low or artificial light levels as well if you're If you're in an interior office that gets little light, or want to brighten up a dark corner, pick a plant that can survive without direct light. Pothos, philodendrons and spider plants are tolerant of low light levels. not near a window. Keeping plants in your office has been shown to... Help you focus Reduce Increase Reduce Clean the air Contribute Keep you healthy stress productivity to well-being noise THE HUFFINGTON POST Sources: Bloomberg Businessweek; Gardening Know How; The Dallas Morning News; Journal of Environmental Psychology:; University of Exeter; Nursery & Garden Industry Australia; Water, Air, and Soil Pollution; Journal of Corporate Real Estate; HortScience Illustrations: Alissa Scheller for The Huffington Post

Picking The Perfect Office Plant

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By now, you've probably attempted a million work hacks to make your desk job a little more enjoyable. Maybe you've tried keeping a messy workspace for added creativity, listened to music to help you p...


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