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Dualism. Existentialism. The conviction tt al concepts within the world undamentaly consist of two coreting quites The idea tht al phiosophical thought must begin with the eperiences of the individu and tis up to the indvdao ge meaning and ahenticty to ther oun estenoe such as good and ev, or body and mind Empiricism. Rationalism. The scertfc doctine sttng tte al krowtedge utmaty comes from sensory eperence and cbservatle evidence, nther han intuton or pre-conceved deas The neory Te human rson can be he source ol akrosedge Absolutism. Relativism. The postion hat witina partoular shool of hought al dterert perspectives a ether absoly true or absolutely talse The asetion t no belet can be sad toheatoe ng ve orty wt certan cont or hame of renon Holism. Reductionism. The heory that e propertes of a sym carnot be undertood by the sum of s perts aone but by how the system behaves as a whole The dea th he natre of complex ings can alys be reduced and epaned by smcler more tundamentl Tus Theism. Atheism. The belef thta god or dety is prsent and active n the uwene The acsence of belet ha gods or deties est Hedonism. Nihilism. The phiosophical view thee wond, and human existence in particular, is wihout meaning The eicl poution e peree gond gett good and shoud be the cen m of al decsons mde pupose, u or value Realism. Skepticism. The belef thet eaity ests independerty of our own observation or perception The mehod of practiong dout when egarding whatshed as knowedge Dogma. Marxism. rod doctine or cogy t open to ronumentor dbe A set of philosophical. poitica and economic postions based on the work of Ka Marx cortored upon amaterit erpretation of history and ortque of capitalm Determinism. Free will. The propositon ht by an unbroken chain of prior evors al evers, including those of human houghts are caly detemined The ability of corscious agers to be tree to make ther own decisions ree of any soci moral or poitical constraints Positivism. Utilitarianism. The position tt he only tertc krotedge acqed thragh soertic mes The school of ethics that strives towards the maximisaton of wetae for the mimum number of pecple Humanism. Authoritarianism. Ageo co e mony The organon of socity ough song ohen oppressive mesures garat s people Solipsism. Idealism. ny ct ment eperence s certen as ings ode ones own mnd The philosophical view tht assers hat reality s tundamently based on and shaped by deas and mentl epelence rather than materas forces Philographics, big ideas in simple shapes.By Genís Carreras.


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"Philographics": Big ideas illustrated in simple shapes. By Genís Carreras.




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