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Passover Seder Plate

PASSOVER The highlight of the Passover holiday is the Seder. The Seder (meaning "order") is a ritual meal at which Jewish people all over the world read the Haggadah - a book that tells the story of our exodus from Egypt and describing the rituals we observe during the Passover meal. The Seder plate traditionally has small bowls or plates for the symbolic foods referenced in the reading of the Haggadah. These are the traditional foods eaten during the Passover Seder: The table should be set with the following special items A bowl of salt water. A covered plate that holds three pieces of matzah. Each person will drink four cups of kosher wine or grape juice during the Seder. An extra wine glass for Elijah the Prophet. BEITZAH: MAROR: ZEROAH: A roasted egg to symbolize Bitter herbs. Traditionally A shankbone to remind us of the sacrifice of a lamb the night we chopped horseradish is used, although some use mourning that we no longer have our Temple in Jerusalem. I turn on the fled from Egypt. Many people use broiler and broil it together with the romaine lettuce. The maror a chicken bone today, I broil a shank bone for 5 minutes. Keep an symbolizes the harshness turkey / chicken neck for my eye on it so that it doesn't explode. of Egyptian slavery. seder plate. Trust me, I speak from experience! hankbon מרור ביצה זרוע MAROR BEITZAH ZEROAH פסת כרפס תוסת ** KARPAS חירת CHAROSE CHAZERET KARPAS: CHAZERET: CHAROSET: A vegetable. Jews of Eastern European descent use a potato as green vegetables A second bitter herb for the A mixture of apple, wine and nuts Seder plate, such as Romaine symbolizes the mortar that the Jewish were not readily available, but generally lettuce. We always use slaves used in their construction of one uses lettuce or parsley. This vegetable horseradish – but finely pyramids for Pharaoh. There are many represents the initial flourishing of the chopped, compared to chunks different ways of making Charoset – Jewish people when they first arrived in used for the maror. traditions include fresh fruits or dried Egypt and the hope and promise of Spring. fruits, finely or coarsely chopped. Sources: Courtesy of: & with Jamie yeller SUKKAH WORLD.COM YOUR SUKKAH FOR LESS Lan Produced by

Passover Seder Plate

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How a Passover meal (called the ‘Seder’) is prepared and served is the topic of an infographic from and It briefly explains the concept of the Seder, and describes...




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