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Parents, Assemble! 11 Ways That Parents Are More Powerful Than Superheroes

PARENTS ASSEMBLE 11 WAYS THAT PARENTS ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN SUPERHEROES Working moms, stay-at-home moms, working dads, stay-at-home dads... no matter what the situation, a parent who loves and cares for their children is an everyday hero. Parents may not really have superpowers, but they do shape a child's universe, and that is magic enough. So let's shout HUZZAH! to moms and dads who make it happen in their everyday extraordinary way! 1. SUPER FEROCITY! Just like the Hulk, human parents get fierce when their beloved babies are in peril! Rather than gamma radiation, parents are supercharged by love! There is nothing as ferocious as a mom defending her darlings. MOM, SMASH! Mom vs. the Hulk Did you know that mother badgers can scare off grizzly bears when their young are threatened? Or that mama rabbits puff up and stand tall to intimida- Hulk's Bonus: te intruding coyotes? It would be nice to smash through the line at the DMV, but that would just be impolite. 2. SUPER INTIMIDATION! Dad vs. Dad may not be the hero the family wants, but he is the hero the family needs. Batman The Dark Knight is noto- rious for his intense and effective interrogation tech- niques. So are dads. Hope- ful suitors have come face- to-face with this truth. No night out is safe from dad's vigilance. Batman's Bonus: The bat signal would be an excellent way to enforce curfew. 3. SÜPER COURAGE! Mom vs. They fend off bodily projecti- les, confront monsters under Captain America the bed, and battle sickness with superhuman resolve. Plus, they don't like bad words! Captain America is THE hero of the Marvel Universe. Moms are THE heroines of a child's universe.They are faced with an onslau- ght of terrifying things daily. They bravely trudge through poop mine- fields, unflinching as they neutralize the threat. Captain America's Bonus: Steve Rogers' shield would be perfect for serving salad. 4. SUPER SENSES! Dad vs. Just like Spiderman's spidey senses go atingle when danger is afoot, Daddy Sense bursts into action when tiny tots are about to take a tumble, cata- Spiderman pult through the air, or strut into moving objects! No doubt you've seen com- pilations of dads saving their kids in the knick of time. So casual, so effortless, so cool. We call this 'Daddy Senses'. Spiderman's Bonus: Being able to swing from buildings would make rush hour much more thrilling and effortless. 5. SUPER STRETCHINESS ! Mom vs. Elasti-Girl Elasti-Girl Bonus: Being able to stretch an During pregnancy, the body produces relaxin, a hormone that softens arm to grab the popcorn from the microwave ligaments and makes joints more mobile. Just like Elasti-Girl, moms become without rising from the couch would be stellar! extra stretchy! This does make moms-to-be more injury-prone, so be careful when you're dashing around to save the world! 6. SUPER PLAYFULNESS! Dad vs. Nightcrawler Dad jokes are growth magic! Plus, a teleporting superpower may explain dad's ability to swoosh to the rescue in the knick of time. Playtime is essential to every facet of a child's growth. Thank goodness for dad! Studies have shown that the most common way that dads engage with their kids is through play. Just like the swashbuckling Nightcrawler, many dads help their kids blos- som with humor and sponta- Nightcrawler's Bonus: neity. Teleportation would be awesome if you forgot something in a food aisle way back and you don't feel like walking. 7. SUPER SPEED! She defies time and space to make an impossible number of tasks possible before lunch time. She may never believe she does enough, but she does enough. This is true for working moms, stay-at- home moms, and moms in between. Full speed Mom vs. The Flash Parenting often feels like a mad dash with no finish line in sight. From the ahead, mom! moment mom's feet barely skim the floor, she bursts into coffee- fueled action, sustai- ned by the ultimate power of uncondi- tional love. The Flash's Bonus: Lightning speed would make preparing school lunches a snap! 8. SUPER COMPÄSSION! Dad vs. Wonder Woman Wonder Woman's Bonus: A magical lasso would make it easy to pull back kids who are fleeing from their chores. Aphrodite imbued Wonder Woman with a kind heart back in her Amazonian days. Just like moms, dads recei- ve a similar blessing when their babies are born. As dads delight their little ones with affection and stimulatory play, they are gifted with bursts of the love hormone oxytocin. Wonder Man, Wonder Man. Parents truly are Wonderful People! 9. SUPER ADAPTABILITY! They will master physics as they wear a baby, push a stroller, and balance a basket of laundry atop their head. They will calculate baby's feeding schedule Mom vs. Iron Man down to an exact science. Then suddenly, the laws will all change and mom will be thrown into a When the baby arrives, moms may feel clueless at first. But just like Tony whirlwind of sleeplessness! She will prevail, of course. After all, she's wearing a gold titanium alloy suit of love! Stark constructed the first Iron Man suit while in captivity, moms are quick to adapt. They will crack the formula behind Iron Man's Bonus: Being able to fly would make it both entertaining and easy to retrieve a kite or kitty stuck in a tree. baby's mysterious sleeping machinations. 10. SUPER SENSES! Dad vs. Daredevil This encourages kids to take healthy and educated risks; they build confidence in themselves as they interact with the envi- ronment. Due to Daredevil's blindness, his other senses are wildly sharp, giving him a wholesome awareness of his surroundings. Through play, dads help their kids explore and understand the dynamic of their bodies and minds. Research shows that Daredevil's Bonus: fathers tend to hold their kids Being able to reach a crying baby in the middle of the night without smashing into walls would be lovely. outwards to face the world. 11. SUPER RESPONSIBILITY! Parents vs. With great power, comes great responsibility. Parents know that love and sacrifice are often two sides of the same cape. They will give up free time. They will give up sleep. They will give up a bod that can rock spandex tights. It's all worth it, of course. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's LOVE! Superman Of course, all of these genders and roles can be interchanged. Parenting superpowers tran- scend gender! Big on Play . Low on Price Playground DEquipmenti Sources:

Parents, Assemble! 11 Ways That Parents Are More Powerful Than Superheroes

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Parents are a special kind of superhero; they are armed with love, dedication, and a bizarre knack for sensing threats to their children's wellbeing! This infographic is a playful comparison between s...



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