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A Parent’s Guide to Temper Tantrums

A PARENT'S GUIDE I TO ! Temper Tantrums Temper Tantrums emotional and physical "meltdowns" common among children I in the ages 2 to 4 years old. CHARACTERISTIC BEHAVIORS SCREAMING HOLDING HIS BREATH KICKING CRYING LYING ON THE FLOOR ........... TWO CATEGORIES anger-based despair-based the child is furious the child is distressed because he is frustrated or hurt or offended. because he cannot have his own way. Unlike toddler tantrums, baby tantrums are usually due to a sudden loss of emotional control and an infant's inability to express themselves any other way. I WHAT CAUSES TANTRUMS tired, hungry, or frustration (can't get what he/she wants) seeking attention uncomfortable need for autonomy (wants control over environment) communication limitations Learn how to deal with your own and others' anger 10 WAYS (Keep your expectations realistics; don't expect more than your child is capable of) TO PREVENT Temper Tantrums Be prompt and brief with discipline Notice, compliment, and reward appropriate behavior Keep off-limits objects out of sight and out of reach to make struggles less likely to develop over them Consider the request carefully when your child wants something Try to discover the reason for your child's tantrum Maintain open communication with your child Avoid shaming your child about being angry Teach children about intensity levels of anger Set the stage for success when kids are playing or trying to master a new task appropriate for your child's age, abilities, and temperament IN CASE OF TANTRUMS Distract or redirect the child Teach understanding and empathy by calling your child's attention to the effects of his or her actions on others Wait for the tantrum to stop; losing your temper won't end the tantrum Involve your child in shopping by letting them help you because tantrums often happen in shops Try holding your child firmly until the tantrum passes SOURCES: Mothers TIC Halang Yu BeThe Bast Parert You Can Bu

A Parent’s Guide to Temper Tantrums

shared by shanemarks3 on Oct 24
This is an infographic on temper tantrums. A common problem among parents is handling the tantrums of their child.




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