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Paper or Plastic

PAPER O PLASTIC Many readers love the way a paper book feels in their hands and looks on their shelves, However e-books offer some big advantages of their own. Let's face it: America is a nation of readers 143 Amazon 57 Kindle books are sold for every I0U Amazon harcover - We buy U1 books per second. books. И That's almost 5 million books a day. BUT WHAT ABOUT E-BOOKS? From Ipads to Kindles to Nooks, there are numerous e-reader options. Let's see how the e-reader market has fared so far. E-READERSHIP DOUBLED IN SIX MONTHS. The Association of American Publishers says that e-book sales in the U.S. account for 6%, or approximately 120 million e-books annually, of the consumer book market. The percentage of U.S. adults with an e-reader has doubled 95,000 units of the Kindle Fire from an estimated 14 MILLION were preordered on the first day it was available. t between November 2010 and May 2011.* 28 MILLION "USING 2011 CENSUS POPULATION DATA EQUALING 232,458,000 ADULTS 5 WAYS BOOKS ARE BETTER 5 WAYS E-BOOKS ARE BETTER 1. FEEL 1. INTERACTIVE Sometimes there's nothing better than turning those pages. There's a certain kind of intimacy when curling up by the fire with It's in multimedia format, so it contains much more than just text. Audio and video options are usually available at the click of a button. a paper book. 2. 2. EASY TO FIND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY ALL books are guaranteed to be avaiable either at a store or online. It only depends on how hard you're willing to search. The publishers can save on printing costs, and trees everywhere are able to 3. SEARCH BUTTONS J. PORTABILITY 3. You can toss a book into your purse or bag without the fear of damage. Also a paper book never has to be charged or updated. Say to goodbye to a table of contents. Easily skip to pages you want to read. Easily search topics or keywords you're interested in. DOWNLOAD 4. FREE SHIPPING 4. CHEAP/USED You want a new book? Simply find it and download a whole You can find used books book within minutes. No extremely cheap at thrift stores and yard sales. You can also lend your old books to a friend or donate them to charity. running to a book store, no shipping costs. 5. 5. EASY TRANSPORTATION . NICE TO KEEP/DISPLAY It is a great feeling to look at a book- case full of books you have finished reading. They are great to display. An e-reader weighs less. Plain and simple. The user is able to carry around his whole library within his tablet, phone or computer. Reading habits change with e-readers: 15% 53% O 51% When people buy an e-reader, such as the Kindle or Nook, only 15% of them actually stop purchasing printed books. Over half of people with e-readers say they read more now than they did six months ago, compared with 18% of non e-reader users. Over half of paper book readers say that they read the same amount as they did six moths ago, compared with the one-quarter (25%) of e-reader users.

Paper or Plastic

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This is an infographic that was created to compare and contrast paper books & ebooks.


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