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Oxytocin: How One Molecule Shapes Our Social Life

H2N, Cys H HN Pro Cys OXtocin Leu HN NH2 how one molecule shapes our sociallives what is it? neuropeptide A peptide produced by neural [noor-oh-pep-tahyd] tissue, esp. one with hormonal activity. or, a molecule that helps with bodily functions as such Analgesia Rewards Food Intake Metabolism and, more importantly Social Reproduction Behavior Learning Memory It's something tiny that Sinfluences our entire socialworld in categories such as… ATTRACTION oxytocin attracts us to others when we're single, and reinforces existing relationships when we aren’t. the research: 86 healthy, heterosexual males half in relationships half single 'x43 43x 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 oxytocin placebo охytocin placebo the setting: A room with an attractive female experiménter... ...and a control male experimenter. what we're watching Space between & experimentee Eye contact results group A oxytocin -- relation-_ ship eve la. contact = 70cm eve 2а. oxytocin -- single -- contact = 68cm placebo -- relațion-- ship eye contact = 56cm За. eve 4a. placebo -+ (ingle -- contact = 57cm group B 1b. oxytocin-- relațion-L ship contact = 69.5cm eye 2b. oxytocin -- fingle -- contact = 57cm relation- eve 3b. placebo -+hip "+ contact = 54cm 4b. „plačebo -- Single -- contact = 54cm теаning oxytocin will_reinforce the exişting paramaters of one's relationships- whether that be single or otherwise. additionally it helps us pick up on social signifiers as demonstrated by the drop in measured distance in the groups without eye contact. STRENGTHENING of social memories, good or bad components: oxytocin rečeptors REMOVED 1. EXTRĄ охytocin rečeptors 2. 3. NORMAL охytocin rečeptors Each placed in cages with more aggressive mice • 6 hours later, mice are removed and placed back with the agğressive mice... Group 1 (( initially showed no fear Group 2 (O + showed intense fear Group 3( showed moderate fear It appears that the group without Oxytocin receptors had forgotten the violent encounters just previous. the groupthink hormone 北 6 six groups of group 1 group 2 half with a dose, of Oxytocin oxytocin half with a placebo placebo the groups viewed - images and - voted on the most attractive The placebo and the Oxytocin group then viewed each others and their own responses Group 1 and Group 2 oxytocin agreed with their group placeb0 more often than not BUT: BUT:oxytocingroup cited more strongly with their, groupwhen another group disagreed so.. Oxytocin enhances bonds with those around you, and subsequently alienates you from other groups. Tyr Oxytocin love,cuddle, morál holiday, is the Pro le Leu and group think hormone that reinforces who we are, for better or worseH2 brought to you by concept by Merrill Cook design by Dylan Orlady Cijations anxiety-fear-in-mice/57652.html life?page=0%2C2

Oxytocin: How One Molecule Shapes Our Social Life

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I like to think that I make decisions based on logic. Other people say they rely on their “gut feelings,” and yet others “follow their heart.” But what is really happening? Scientifically spea...


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