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Otherworldly Treasures: 40 Interior Decor Items From Fiction

OTHERWORLDLY TREASURES 40 Interior Decor Items From Fiction How well do you know the interiors of your favorite TV shows, films, and video games? Test your memory and observation skills with this matching game! 2 1. Central Perk Couch Friends 2. Leg Lamp A Christmas Story 3. USS Enterprise 3 4 (NCC-1701-D) Bridge Star Trek: The Next Generation 4. Millennium Falcon Dejarik Board Star Wars 5. Bag End Chandelier Lord of the Rings 6. Elrond's Telescope Lord of the Rings: Return of the King 7. Fat Lady Portrait Harry Potter and the 8 Philosopher's Stone 8. War Table Dragon Age: Inquisition 9. Living Room Couch Full House 10 10. Men of Letters' Bunker Lamp Supernatural 11. Eames Lounge Chair Frasier 12. Thinking Chair Blue's Clues 11 12 13. Bison Skull with Headphones Sherlock 14. Wicker Coffee Table Will & Grace 15. Jerry's Porsche 13 14 Poster Seinfeld 16. Rubik's Cube Tissue Box POP SC E THOROUGHBEEDS FROM ZLETENAEN Big Bang Theory 17. Robert Longo "Men in the Cities" 15 16 Painting American Psycho 18. Bathtub Loveseat Breakfast at Tiffany's 19. Paul Smith's "Love Too" Wall Hanging 17 18 Sex and the City 20. Mid-century Wooden plaque 30 Rock 21. Swag Lamp Mad Men 19 20 22. Living Room Boat Painting Simpsons 23. Stormtrooper Decoration How I Met Your Mother 21 22 24. Serenity Dashboard Dinosaurs Firefly 25. Iron Throne Game of Thrones 26. Dawn of the 23 24 Wolf Poster The Last of Us 27. Green Locker Gone Home 28. Treasure Chest The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 25 26 29. Red Flower Pot Minecraft DAWN EWOLF 30. Classic Car Booth Pulp Fiction 31. Don Corneo's Bed Vw a. Mo m Final Fantasy VII 27 28 32. Room 237 Bathtub The Shining 33. Woman in Red Painting The Sims 2 34. Nuka-Cola Machine 29 30 Fallout 4 35. SpongeBob's Chair SpongeBob SquarePants 36. Arnold's Room Carpet 31 32 Hey Arnold! 37. Andy's Toy Chest Toy Story 38. Usagi's (Serena's) Blanket Sailor Moon Nuka-Cola 33 34 39. Ash's Snorlax Plush Pokémon 40. Castle Fireplace Howl's Moving Castle 35 36 37 38 39 40 Sources: HomeAdvisor. SM o

Otherworldly Treasures: 40 Interior Decor Items From Fiction

shared by BebopGriffin on Apr 08
The interiors of our favorite films, television shows, and video games are a major but subtle part of what makes them so magical and captivating! This infographic celebrates the details of the environ...


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