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Opal, The October Birthstone

August September October January February March April May June July November December October Birthstone OPAL "October's child is born for woe, And life's vicissitudes must know, But lay an opal on her breast, And hope will lull those woes to rest." Love Opal equates to. Prosperity Fame Growth Influence Legends Hindu legend has it that Opal was once a beautiful woman desired by Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Arabs believed opals fell from the heavens in flashes of lightning. The Eternal turned her into a creature made of mist, which each of the love struck gods endowed with a color: blue (Brahma), gold (Vishnu), and red (Shiva). The wind swept away the lovely mist, and it later became a stone that shimmers with the colors of the rainbow. During the medieval period, the change in an opal's color intensity was believed to show the state of its wearer's health. Believed to have caused the Black Death plague that swept across Europe in the mid-14th century. Though to make its wearer invisible, hence was thieves' and spies' chosen talisman. Healing Properties An ideal. • Cures eye infections • Maintains healthy heart • Prevents fainting • Wards off evil and nightmares • Alternative engagement ring • Gift for young adults • Anniversary gift Eminem Zach Galifianakis John Meyer Sting Sarah Ferguson Gwen Stefani Usher Russell Simmons Celebrities with this birthstone Sacha Baron Cohen Kate Winslet Hugh Jackman Elisabeth Shue Matt Bomer Simon Cowell Mario Bruno Lopez Tony Shalhoub Mars Evander Holyfield Zac Snoop Dogg Kardashian Lloyd Christopher Ryan Reynolds Kim Efron Drake Katy Perry Famous Opals Olympic Australis Largest and most valuable gem opal Andamooka Opal Also known as the Halley's Comet Opal Largest uncut black opal Galaxy Opal "World's Largest Polished Opal" in the 1992 Guinness Book of Records Queen's Opal Sources: @brilliancecorp O Toll Free: 866-737-0754 BRIlliANCE - a Email: [email protected] Fou Power

Opal, The October Birthstone

shared by optimaltargeting on Oct 04
October has come, and its opalescence is made more evident with this featured birthstone infographic from It begins with a poetic introduction about the opal’s benefits to an October...




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