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The Online Epidemic Of Cyberbullying

I HATE YOU . VI WILL HURT YOU YOU'RE A LOSER The Online Epidemic Of Cyberbullying NOBODY LIKES YOU YOU'RE FAT 52% of teens have reported being victims of cyberbullying Teens Are At The Highest Risk Of Becoming Victims Of Cyberbullying 85% of teens maintain an active account on one or more social networking sites In 2010, over one million children/teens were harassed, threatened or subjected to other forms of cyberbullying on Facebook alone 66% of teens who have witnessed online cruelty have also witnessed others joining Gender Demographics Of Cyberbullies 59% girls 41% boys boys are more likely girls are more likely to post gossip and spread rumors to post hurtful pictures or videos How Cyberbullies Operate Gossip Posting or sending cruel gossip to intentionally damage a person's reputation and/or their relationships with friends Exclusion Deliberately excluding someone from an online group or activity Impersonation Breaking into someone's email or other online account and sending messages that will cause embarrassment or damage Harassment Repeatedly posting or sending offensive, rude, and insulting messages Cyberstalking Posting or sending unwanted or intimidating messages, which may include threats Flaming Online fights where scornful and offensive messages are posted on social media websites, forums or blogs Outing & Trickery Tricking someone into revealing secrets or embarrassing information, which is then shared online Cyber-threats Remarks made on the Internet used to threaten or imply violent behavior Cyberbullies Reported The Following Reasons For Their Actions: To Show Off To Friends To Embarrass Others To Get Back At Someone For Fun Or Entertainment То Be Меan Mental And Emotional Effects Of Cyberbullying: Depression Low Self-Esteem Use Alcohol And Drugs Receive Poor Grades Anger Become Violent Avoidance Experience In-Person Bullying Fear Skip School Cyberbullying Presents A Bigger Problem Than In Person Bullying 81% of youth agree that bullying online is easier to get away with than bullying in person 52% of parents worry about their child being bullied on social networking sites What You Can Do Protect Your Children From Cyberbullies Take screenshots of malicious content in order to provide Make sure their social evidence media profiles are set to private Encourage your children to talk to you if they're being bullied Report cyberbullying to site admins right away Sources: INSTANT checkmate Find the truth about anyone

The Online Epidemic Of Cyberbullying

shared by instantcheckmate on Jan 29
Cyberbullying represents a huge problem for adolescents and teens, but many parents don't know about it. Check out this infographic to get all the facts!


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