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Notorious Female Criminals

NOTORIOUS FEMALE CRIMINALS IN THE USA CROSS POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS POLICE LI 2 S POLICE LINE DO POLTCE L TAEE On the surface, these women look perfectly pleasant; normal individuals, living their lives as wives or mothers and holding down professional jobs, but looks can be deceptive, as they are, in fact, some of the most notorious female criminals in the United States. Murder, theft, drugs and kidnappin crimes, with many of them finding themselves bundled off to prison or sentenced to death, once caught. So who are the most notorious of these troubling individuals? the main foundations of their POLICE DEPARTMENT POLICE DEPARTMENT BONNIE PARKER GRISELDA BLANCO DOB: 1910 DIED: 1934 (Aged 23) DOB: 1943 DIED: 2012 (Aged 69) Bon in Rowena, Texas Born in Cartagena, Colombia ONE HALF OF THE INFAMOUS NICKNAMED THE "BONNIE & CLYDE" WITH CLYDE BARROW "COCAINE GODMOTHER" CRIME : FACTS Spree of bank robberies and murders in the south during the Great Depression 9. CRIME : FACTS Moved 300kg amonth DRUG LORD of the Medellin Cartel POLICE OFFICERS KILLED, AS WELL AS MANY OTHER MURDERS of cocaine ORDERED THE MURDER OF NO OFFICIAL RECORD that she ever shot a gun or killed anyone 250 Caught and served 19 years : in a ÚS jail for murder and racketeering people as well as three of her husbands POLICE DEPARTMENT POLICE DEPARTMENT MARY SURRATT LEONA HELMSLEY DOB: 1820/23 DIED: 1865 (Aged 42/45) DOB: 1920 DIED: 2007 (Aged 87) Born in Marbletown, New York Born in Waterloo, Maryland FIRST WOMAN TO BE PRONE TO RAGES AGAINST HER STAFF, NICKNAMED "QUEEN OF MEAN" EXECUTED BY THE UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CRIME FACTS CRIME : FACTS ARRESTED for treason, conspiracy Built a property EMPIRE WORTH MILLIONS but O stories of her bullying and intimidating staff were legendary. Donald Trump dubbed her 'the meanest woman in history. Convicted for her part in the conspiracy to : and plotting murder assassinate ABRAHAM LINCOLN CONVICTED OF 33 FELONY COUNTS, She was tried and hanged in 1865 including tax fraud, conspiracy to defraud the US government and extortion, and sentenced to 16 years in prison Served just 18 months after appeal. Victim of a mysterious stabbing in 1973, surviving a chest wound. HOTEL **** * Died with a net worth of $8 billion. Two of her grandchildren were left nothing, her dog, Trouble, got $12 million. POLICE DEPARTMENT POLICE DEPARTMENT DIANE DOWNS AILEEN WUORNOS DOB: 1955 (Age 59) DOB: 1956 DIED: 2002 (Aged 58) Born in Phoenix, Arizona Born in Rochester Michigan WIDELY CONSIDERED AS AMERICA'S FIRST SHE WAS RECORDED ON CAMERA LAUGHING AS SHE DESCRIBED THE TRAUMATIC DETAILS FEMALE SERIAL KILLER CRIME FACTS CRIME : FACTS Fabricated a story that a STRANGER TRIED TO CARJACK Richard Mallory was found dead in December 1989 he had been shot three times PREGNANT AT AGE 14 Shot her three children. and claimed her brother was the father KILLING ONE, HER in order to keep her lover who didn't want children By November Her oldest daughter : gave a key testimony that it was in fact her mother who shot her and her sisters, it was this testimony which secured her guilt. RAISED BY HER GRANDMOTHER Hitchhiked across America working as a prostitute u 1990 four other men were found dead as the result of a shooting Guilty of all charges and sentenced to Wuornos CONFESSED to six killings, all allegedly performed in self-defence She was found GUILTY AND SENTENCED TO DEATH LIFE IN PRISON on 17th June 1984 POLICE DEPARTMENT POLICE DEPARTMENT RUTH EISEMANN - SCHIER PATTY HEARST DOB: 1941/1942 (Age 74/75) DOB: 1954 (Age 60) Born in San Francisco, California Born in Honduras FIRST WOMAN IN HISTORY TO APPEAR ON THE FBI'S MOST WANTED LIST CRIME FACTS GREW UP IN AN AFFLUENT & SHELTERED ENVIRONMENT CRIME FACTS She appeared ona Her high profile bank camera wielding made her a target an assault weapon for the Symbionese before going on the run Liberation Army Gary Steven Krist & She stayed Eisemann-Schier on the run for KIDNAPPED HEIRESS before being apprehended Barbara Jane Mackle 11 WEEKS The Symbionese Liberation Army Brainwashed and abused her to the point ! where Hearst appeared in a and sentenced toi video saying that by authorities i Tried, convicted and sentenced to seven years She was arrested by the FBI in 1975 They buried Mackle in seven years in prison the woods in a box in jail, four of she'd joined their fight to free the oppressed two feet below ground which she Ш Despite spending three days under- ground, she was She was eventually rescued alive &! deported back to unharmed served She is now an actress, author and mother Honduras DISHONOURABLE MENTION EARLY MEMBER OF THE DEADRABBITS, AN IRISH AMERICAN GANG IN NEW YORK CITY IN THE 19TH CENTURY Female fighter, who filed her teeth into points & wore long claw like brass fingernails. Considered as one of the earliest female criminals of the "Gangs of New York" era POLICE DEPARTMENT HELL CAT MAGGIE DOB: 1820 (Age unknown) ONE OF THE MOST NOTORIOUS FEMALE AMERICAN OUTLAWS OF ALL TIME POLICE DEPARTMENT BELLE STARR In 1874 a warant was issued for her arrest for a stagecoach robbery. She learned ways of organising, planning and fencing for the rustlers, horse thieves and bootleggers, as well as harbouring them from the law DOB: 1848 DIED: 1889 (Aged 40) JAILEXCHANGE EVERY JAIL, EVERY PRISON, EVERY FACILITY IN THE COUNTRY

Notorious Female Criminals

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You can’t deny it; there is something oddly fascinating about serial killers and notorious criminals. Why would a woman, quite often a mother, mercilessly murder, kidnap or assault someone?




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