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National Riffle Association

SINCE THE SECOND AMENDMENT THE HIGHEST GUN OWNERSHIP IN THE WORLD NATIONAL RIFFLE ASSOCIATION NRA SAFETY RULES BACKGROUND CHECKS 89 GUNS FOR EVERY PRIVATE SELLERS DO NOT HAVE tii AVERAGE FIREARMS PER 100 PEOPLE The national rifte association is anon-proie organluaton founded in 1871 and promotes frearm ownershio, potice training, mariomenship hunting & self-defence in the USA The orgenization aim is to serve the educetion and Responsibles for gun usage GUARANTEED THE RIGHTS TO SAFE DIRECTION BEAR ARMS, IT HAS BECOME ONE TO CONDUCT BACKGROUND 100 PEOPLE READY TO USE 40% OF THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL FEDERAL LICENSED GUN DEALERS WHERE CHECKS ON BUYERS UNDER THE IN THE USA apyarge READY TO SHOOT or GUN TRANSFERS occuR BETWEEN SUBJECT MATTERS IN HISTORY BACKGROUND CHECKS ARE DONE CURRENT LAW PRIVATE SELLERS, WITH NO BACKGROUND CHECKS In order to reduce gun violence seme claim there needs to be an increase beciground checis In 1993 a pre- vention act requied al federely Ikened frearn dealen to prelorm a sackground chock on every fireanm puucheser. Some Arerkans beleve that gns are THE AVERAGE CONSUMPTION OF GUNS VS. esse nea for protection and othars promote anti-un laws. Regtrdiess. he USA emains to be one c OTHER PRODUCTS IN A YEAR NUMBER OF PEOPLE 6.6 MILLION cee of the DYING EVERY UNCHECKED TRANSFERS DONE blggest consurers of guns and many PRODUCTS BY THE MILLION IN THE USA otner products. IN 2012 5 MINUTES 58,344 This questions whether the Amer kans are trlyving the Americar dream when they tve in fear and feel the need to protect themseves nith ermed weepons It seems thet the USA has falled to predict a sense of w deal ving standards, as they make tseem there is ne plece for gus yet somany stand for them WHERE ARE FIRE ARMS SOURCED • 10-30 •31-90 Os1-70 31, 509 14, 098 13, 123 win torms of pertraying the DEATHS BY GUNS McDonaias TDSTATES Children and amily satety forms pert of the American drean which is a set of ideats that lacude feedon of 16 27 MORE AMERICAN CITIZENS HAVE BEEN KILLED BY GUNFIRE THAN THOSE THAT DIED IN AMERICAN WARS SINCE 1776 opportunity, pOsperity and success for everyone, inelevont ef cuture USA religion cless, ce er ethicity. This of Bung has been de some Amer unfaity icans value the Lite of a human no more importan then daly products that ae consmed. Violenceis forced upon sodeties as much as advertis- ing bomberds civilition. The worid and peocle's actions have become Numbing to what ile should be. The question remalns, are we truly taidng responsibility for our actions SITERLAND 1020 PEOPLE DIE EVERY HOUR 13 9 9. CANADA 8 11 29 15 GERMANY 1,384,171 (1988-2013) 1,171,177 (SINCE 1776) 498 BABIES BORN EVERY HOUR JAPAN GUN OWNERSHIP PER CAPITA NATIONAL RFFLE ASSOCTION ANMIN BEPCRT NATIONAL RFFLE ASSOCATON ANMUAL BEPORT ABC'S BECOME READY, AIM, FIRE CHILD VIOLENCE: EARLY AND LATE RISK FACTORS LEADING CAUSES OF DEATH TELEVISION & VIOLENCE Chiidren all over the world ae treeted unfaiy, bulied develoe pscholoe Ical probiems, bom with defects and simply strugge in the cruel word that society presents tsef with todey ACCORDING TO RESEARCH THE CHILDREN AGE GROUPS MOST SUSCEPTIBLE AGE TO 1-4 5-9 10-14 15-24 25-34 COMMITTING AN ACT OF The Nationel Be ansociation pre tsitself with many contradictine amnes for thelr youth. Thi Anole could perheos simplity e actiy t the e Amricas se fodective end confused and why there are so many dehates around gunonnership and education. 100% T ees VIOLENCE IS BETWEEN 15 & 18 LATE PAESIO EMCRE HENC EARLY 61% FROM TO EDDIE EAGLE YOUTH CHALLENGE CHILDREN NRA PROGRAMME THE MARKSMANSHIP QUALIFICATION PRO- unacusoe PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY VOUNG SHOOTERS? Teinndther dh TOY GUNS VS. REAL GUNS FAMILY FUN & ENJOYMENT CAN LAST A LIFE TIME MHORS DNCED 75% inping O INDIVIDUAL FAMILY SCHOOL PEER What should chileren when thay seea Qualification Shooting HOW WILL AMERICANS EVER CELEBRITIES WHO ANY RANGE, EVEN YOUR OWN HOME- FAMOUS SCHOOL MASSACRES IN HISTORY SUPPORT DON'T TOUCH ACHIEVE LIVING THE AMERICAN LEAVE THE AREA TELL AN ADULT PARENTS CAN SHOOT SIDE BY SIDE WITH THEIR CHILDREN MEDIA VIOLENCE Amount of children killed 2012 ANTI GUN CAUSAS NEA DREAM WHEN THEIR FUTURE Cun as weapon of choice MENTAL ILLNESS, SCHOOL MASSACRES, STATE KIDS Ton Selleck Humans begin to imitate others at where cuiture and social siils are leomt. The notion that violence in medie cen be potentially influwiel to chadren behaviour and vlolent actions has been a concern for a GENERATIONS NEVER SEEM TO Sl Sutore Chack No 1 IN 5 Children has a mental disorder School messacres and orimes hep- WAKE UP FROM THE NIGHTMARE Geerer Corey nen moe oftes then wha ithe ews KEY. AVERAGE NO. PEOPLE DYING pormays xs meane to Sheryl Crow as a sate enutronment for students to pursue their knowledge and sociel powth. Vet most children heve to fear for thelr Bes on a dally basis because weapons such as handguns land in the wrong hends Viclence in media such as television video games and movies have increased destically over the yeers end the average child spends more than four hous in fiont of the telavition, computer or playing games in a day. Eposure to violence de pends on the children's, age, viewing habit and vorial: ecnaomic status 1 IN 17 Ifall Americans had egual oopotunity of health care, primary needs and economic social status, there shouldn't be a need for any violence or guns in the world. tis necessary to question those Americans that promote bearing arms and the ideal living standtrds, as there is a dichotomy betwten the two. Itis perhaos necessary for the Netionel Rirte Associetion to re ounding lams and for some Anerkcans their vales and their acrions. Elen DeGee Americans live with a serious mental Riness 1999 Dey Devie Sash Plia 26 ies ba akate thei 32 13 Manda Lambort Cura 1 IN 4 Mery Streep American families has a relative suffering from a mental issue Studes have proven that video and telavtsion that tposes violence to children have en immediote effect on chidren's ggesive beheviour which increases SO WHAT WILL YOU FIGHT FOR & WITH WHAT? Oer was almost lnstantiN. Colnbine Hig hSchool Sedy oo Eleentary Schoel NATIONAL RPEASSOCATION ANMUAL REPOAT NATIONAL R E ASSOCIATION ANMUAL REPORT

National Riffle Association

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There are many controversial opinions on guns; people love and hate guns for different reasons. This information graphic that questions whether ‘gun shows’ and other opportunities might be the ca...


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