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Money and the Path to Happiness

MONEY PATH to happiness Want to be happier in life? Money can help. Don't believe us? Start the journey below.. Five years ago, you holidayed at a gorgeous beachside resort. During your stay, you bought so many souvenirs that you spent almost as much at the gift shop as you did on the trip itself! Which purchases make you happier now, five years later? FALSE. As time goes by, your mementoes won't make GIFT SHOP SOUVENIRS BEACHSIDE RESORT you as happy as will your memories of the holiday. We enjoy thinking about experiences more than possessions. The goings-on of our lives are more unique. personal and symbolic than our stuff is. TRUE! Remembering the holiday makes you happier than owning souvenirs from the trip does. BUY EXPERIENCES, NOT STUFF. RULE WHY? Anticipation and uncertainty bring us pleasure. Once something is done and over with, we don't think of it as often as You want to buy an electric guitar. Which scenario will be more gratifying: buying it in a few months or buying it this evening? WHY? we did when it was still on the horizon. INDEED! DELAYED PURCHASES GIVE THE PLEASURE OF ANTICIPATION. It's more fun to look forward to RULE IN A FEW MONTHS THIS EVENING things than to look back on them. SORRY. NO. Instant Spending twice as much doesn't make You spend £l00 on front-row seats to your favourite band's concert. Your mate spends £50 on seats in the back. How much will you enjoy the show compared to your mate? gratification usually lasts just as long - an instant. TWICE AS MUCH you twice as happy. MONEY SPENT IS NOT EQUAL TO HAPPINESS GAINED. YES! HALF AS MUCH SLIGHTLY MORE RULE Most likely you will have fun at the show, but the enjoyment won't be double your mate's. NO. Are you paying attention? GOURMET You love crisps and have packed some for lunch. Will you get more pleasure out of the crisps if you eat them near your mate who brought a smaller bag of crisps or the one who brought a bag of gourmet crisps? WRONG. Maybe we should have GOURMET CRISPS NEITHER mentioned your mate isn't going to share them with you. WRONG. You might think when you SMALLER GRISPe BAG OF CRISPS RULE compare yourself to others and BETWEEN SIMILAR ITEMS. MORE ISN'T MUCH BETTER. come out on top you'll enjoy things more. but it's not true. Comparison shopping messes with our heads. When faced with two TRICK QUESTION! Studies show you will enjoy the crisps for what they are. regardless of what's around to compare them to. near-identical options, we think we will prefer the one with a few more bells WHY? and whistles. But actually, we enjoy similar products roughly the same. YEP! You will enjoy the game more when you break it up into two sessions, even if the total time played is exactly the same. You're going to play football with your mates and you have two options: I) play for 60 minutes all at once, or 2) play for 30 minutes now and 30 WHY? 30 MIN NOW & 30 MIN LATER minutes later. Which option will make you happier? We enjoy things less once we get used to them. because we start taking them for granted. RULE 60 MIN. ALL AT ONCE MANY SMALL PLEASURES ARE BETTER THAN FEW LARGE ONES. NOPE. The longer you play, the faster you'll grow accustomed to the happiness it brings, and then the joy will start to dwindle. You found £40 hiding in the sofa cushions. Will you feel happier spending it on yourself or on someone else? SOMEONE ELSE CORRECT! You'll feel happier if you give the money away. INCORRECT. Sometimes money can buy happiness. but you always get more bang for your buck when you spend it on somebody else. 00 YOURSELF WHY? Doing nice things for other people makes us feel good about ourselves. It also improves our social relationships. which helps us feel happier. GIVE MONEY AWAY TO A GOOD CAUSE. RULE It appears you are an expert in how to spend money for ultimate happiness. Well done! POUNDS to POCKET REFERENCES ............. :) ........

Money and the Path to Happiness

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