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Millennial Moms

Scarborough. A SCARBOROUGH INFOGRAPHIC Millennial Moms. Much has been written about the rising influence of the Millennial generation. Defined by local consumer insight firm Scarborough as adults age 18-29. Millennials are not only an important group for marketers due to their media engagement and youth, but because increasingly, Millennials are becoming America's next generation of parents. How are Millennial Moms (women who are age 18-29 and are parents of children under 18 years old) more involved in their local communities? What are the business opportunities present with this consumer group? How can you engage with Millennial Moms on mobile? Keep reading to see how Millennial Moms compare to all moms and for Scarborough's insights into how to engage them in their local markets. MILLENNIAL MOMS EMBRACE THEIR LOCAL MARKETS 33% got local news online in the past 30 days* 10% LOCAL TV NEWS THEY TY PICALLY WATCH: think social networking is very important for finding local information 38% Local Morning News 37% Local Evening News 31% Local Late News Top 10 Local Markets for Millennial Moms Portland 32%O Fresno 37% O Kansas City 30%O Bakersfield 31% OLas Vegas 30% 37% of mom Knoxville 37% residents are Phoenix 33% Oklahoma City 33% O Millennial Moms Dallas 33% . Jacksonville 30% 18% 22% more likely to self-identify as Black more likely to self-identify as Hispanic 52% 30% 8% are unmarried have an annual household are students income of $50K+ MILLENNIAL MOMS REPRESENT OPPORTUNITIES FOR FINANCIAL SERVICES Professional Services Household used in the past year: 68% 47% 35% more likely to use check cashing more likely to use coin cashing more likely to use wire transfer Financial Services used by household: Millennial Moms are 28% more likely Millennial Moms are to have used no credit cards in the less likely to use past 3 months financial services Millennial Moms of every kind, including accounts, loans or investment do use personal loans and debit 1111 1111 1111 cards. 00/00 MS. CARD ER opportunities MILLENNIAL MOMS HAVE MAJOR LIFESTYLE CHANGES PLANNED FOR THE NEXT YEAR 33% 27% 15% plan to look for a plan to attend adult continuing plan to go back to school new job education classes 13% 11% 11% are planning the birth of a child plan to buy a home plan to get married MILLENNIAL MOMS ARE OVERWHELMINGLY MOBILE WAYS USED SMARTPHONE, PAST 30 DAYS: Millennial moms 53% social networking are more likely to participate in every mobile activity Scarborough measures 11% 22% shopping more likely to own a 18% more likely to use Daily Deals smartphone 60% 24% 19% more likely to have sent 20+ text messages yesterday more likely to say they plan to change wireless carriers in the next 12 months had a wireless bill last month of $150+ MILLENNIAL MOMS' HAVE INFLUENTIAL SHOPPING BEHAVIORS 40% bought clothing or 20% of 68% Millennial Moms accessories spend 20+ hours per week online made any internet 28% bought books purchase in the past 12 months 23% bought toys or game 29% more likely to agree they like to share their opinions about products and services by posting 78% 71% more likely to think social networ king is very important for showing support for their favorite brands* reviews and more likely to post a blog entry in the past 30 days on social media* ratings online* 25% more likely to agree they're always one of the first of their friends to try new products or services 47% 28% 18% more likely to agree they're a "Spender" rather than a "Saver" more likely to more likely to think social networking is very important for receiving exclusive offers, coupons or other discounts" rate or review 18% more likely to agree brand name is the products or services on social media" best indication of quality SOURCE: Scarborough USA+ Study, Release 1, 2013 (Current 6 Months)/ GFK MRI Attitudinal Insights Data Agree = Agree Mostly or Somewhat "Among Moms with access to the internet For purchase information for this, orany other consumer topics, please contact: FOLLOW US ON Searborough Haley Dercher - 646.5171042 Scarborough.

Millennial Moms

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An analysis of Millennial Moms including their lifestyles, top local markets and mobile use.


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