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"Men Are From Reddit, Women Are From Pinterest" Men VS Women Online Shopping

"Men are from Reddit, women are from Pinterest" MENVS WOMEN ONLINE SHOPPING UU General Behaviour Found their most recent online purchase in a marketing EMAIL FROMA STORE. SHOPPED ONLINE within the past 30 days. 68% 72% 8% 14% MEN WOMEN MEN WOMEN Men are more likely to find a product when browsing around without a clear destination in mind... 33 per cent of men, versus 26 per cent of women, first saw their most recent purchase this way. 33% 26% MEN WOMEN Women may also be more likely to search for brands, rather than looking for a product directiy. Women take an average of 14 mins to complete a purchase, vs. just 10 mins for men. Men may also be more likely to leave reviews for the items they have purchased. 70 per cent of top Amazon reviewers surveyed were male. Spending patterns Men are more likely to buy EXPENSIVE ITEMS The majority of men said their most costly purchase over the past six months was between $1,000 and $2,500, compared to a range of $100 and $500 for women. WOMEN ARE MORE I Women are also more likely to USE COUPÓNS LIKELY TO ACTIVELY with 34 per cent of women using them Vs. 26 per cent of men. (online behaviour survey). HUNT FOR... BARGAINS AND DEALS 71% WOMEN 26% 34% say the item they last purchased online was on sale compared to MEN WOMEN 57% MEN Women compromise a majority of the U.S. audience on Groupon (62 per cent). Other Behaviour Insight RETAIL THERAPY More than half (51.8 per cent) admitted to spending money IN A BID TO IMPROVE THEIR MOOD indulging in retail therapy is clothes ! The number one item women buy when (57.9 per cent). However, men prefer to splash out on food (28.1 per cent). MEN WOMEN 39.8% 63.9% 28.1% 57.9% MEN WOMEN More than half (66.6 per cent) prefer to conduct their RECREATIONAL SHOPPING ONLINE, citing the convenience, and privacy, which online purchasing provides. Online Purchasing channels Both men and women were most likely to list Amazon as their favourite shopping site. Likewise the division of eBay users is fairly equal at 47 per cent female 53 per cent male. However 80 per cent of Etsy customers are women. AMAZON EBAY ETSY Types of item purchased The favoured online shopping category for men is computers, while women prefer books. Both have the same second choice of CDs. COMPUTERS CDS BOOKS | Studies show that British women will still spend around three times as much on clothing than men over the course of their lifetime, but male British shoppers now appear to spend more Men are also more likely to purchase TRAVEL RELATED SERVICES ON SHOES than women. than women. Conversely, women appear to have overtaken men on purchases of ELECTRONIC ITEMS buying an average of 4.7 devices in 2010 against an average of 4.2 products for men. Meanwhile, 88 per cent of women purchased at least one tech-related item, compared to 83 per cent of men. Mobile devices and apps Women install 40 per cent more apps than men, buy 17 per cent more paid apps, and pay almost twice as much for them. INSTALL PAID APPS PAY 40% 17% 200% MORE THAN MEN Use shopping apps provided by Men take the lead in only a couple of categories: mobile games and in-app spending. RETAIL STORES Men are more likely to "SHOWROOM" than women, by looking at items in store and then buying online, with 65 per cent of male respondents to a survey confessing to the activity, compared with 18% 14% MEN WOMEN 51 per cent of women. Social Media SOCIAL DEMOGRAPHICS Men Women 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Twitter Facebook Pinterest Zynga Reddit Google + Linkedin Women are also more likely to 55% of WOMEN report that they are more likely to buy from the brands that they interact with on social media. RECOMMEND A BRAND, product or service to others over a SOCIAL NETWORK with 35 per cent reporting having done so, compared to just 28 per cent of men. 62% 50% MEN WOMEN Use social media channels when COMPARING PRODUCTS Twice as many women as men said they frequently SHARE PURCHASING ACTIVITIES on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. 28% 35% MEN WOMEN payment sense. REFERENCES more-tv.html specific-reports/empathica-consumer-insights-panel-retail-luxury-report/ http:/ tools/internet/how-women-use the web-and-social-networking preferences-72606272.htmi! http:/

"Men Are From Reddit, Women Are From Pinterest" Men VS Women Online Shopping

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This infographic has uncovered some surprising results when it comes to women’s behaviour when shopping online, in comparison to their male counterparts.




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