Mastering The Selfie With Glasses

%23 %23 #SELFIE LOVE DON'T LET ANYTHING GET IN THE WAY OF TAKING YOUR BEST SELFIE ESPECIALLY YOUR GLASSES! %23 A recent survey calculated that the average Millennial may take up to around 25,700 SELFIES DURING THEIR LIFETIME MILLENNIALS RULE THE SELFIE But according to a 2014 pew research center report, YOUNGER GENERATIONS AREN'T THE ONLY ONES THAT SHARE SELFIES ON SOCIAL MEDIA 55% of Millennials 24% of Gen X of Baby Boomers A 2015 survey of 1,000 young adults showed that MILLENNIALS SPEND 9 selfies PER WEEK 7 minutes MORE THAN AN HOUR/WEEK! PER SELFIE Instagram has almost 250 million #selfie posts to date, and this number grows every day! SCIENCE BEHIND SELFIES .in the photo Researchers reviewed 1.1 million Instagram photos and found that the... have no effect on its popularity Gender # of faces Age SELFIE PRO TIPS: BACK TO THE BASICS JUST SAY NO TO THE DUCK FACE! RULE OF THIRDS DEPTH OF FIELD CROP AND EDIT Accentuate facial features 9 imaginary sections on a camera frame create reference points and help structure an image Focus on your face, not the environment Eliminate Eyes 1/3 down from the top and off to one side of the frame An out of focus background makes an interesting contrast distractions in background Now that you know the basics-don't let your glasses get in the way of your best selfie! MASTERING GLARE AND THE #GLASSESELFIE INSTAGRAM HAS MORE THAN 20,000 #GLASSESSELFIE POSTS FIND THE LIGHT WORK YOUR ANGLES Tilt your head down and turn slightly away from the light Utilize backlighting when wearing glasses Tilt your head slightly so your glasses are lower than the angle of the light Face the camera straight on to reduce or eliminate glare UTILIZE ANTI-REFLECTIVE/ANTI-GLARE COATING Eliminating reflection allows more light to pass through lenses for improved vision Helps minimize reflections on both the inside and outside of your lenses Lenses are close to invisible so your facial expressions will look their best in all light NOW GET OUT THERE AND SHOW THE WORLD YOUR BEST #GLASSESSELFIE #NEWGLASSES #GLASSESSWAG Sources: FRAMESDIRECT COM P prem ium e y e w e ar N NOWSOURCING

Mastering The Selfie With Glasses

shared by NowSourcing on Feb 23
Wearing glasses doesn't have to preclude you from taking selfies. Learn tips and tricks from this infographic!




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