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March Birthstone - Aquamarine

January February March April May June July August September October November December March Birthstone AQUAMARINE FACTS & FIGURES • Name: Derived from Latin aqua marina (water of the sea) • Planetary stone: Pisces • Also called "the poor man's diamond" • Sun sign: Scorpio • Symbolizes safety and security COLOR VARIANTS Blue green Maxixe deep blue aquamarine Pale Blue Deep blue usually found in Madagascar. Natural deep blue aquamarine are the most prized Aquamarine chrysolite clear yellow variant from Brazil. S Standard price 167 to 540 USD/carat (depending on color) Santa Maria the most prized aquamarine mined from Santa Maria de Itabira, Brazil. Russia United States China Afghanistan Pakistan Elndia Sri Lanka Colombia Kenya Nigerial Tanzania Most abundant Zambia Mozambique in Brazil Australia PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS • From the beryl family Fades to white Basic components when exposed to sunlight though the color returns Be Si Al upon irradiation Beryllium | Silicon | Aluminum | Oxygen Natural shape Fracture Luster Hardness Hexagonal Conchoidal 7.5-8 Vitreous to resinous (Mohs scale) HISTORY Ancient Egyptians Used by the Hindus to enhance mental First used by the Used by ancient Adopted as the modern March birthstone by the Greeks between sailors as talisman placed aquamarines in tombs to aid souls in their afterlife journey clarity and public speaking skills. 480-300 BC as amulets against the perils American National engraved with the of the sea. Association of Jewelers image of Poseidon. back in 1912 In 1906 President Theodore Roosevelt's daughter Alice Roosevelt Longworth received an heart-shaped aquamarine wedding gift from Vice President William Howard Taft. LEGEND Believed to Romans believed Neptune, god of sea, considered Believed to have been Said to provide its wearer a sense of calm and serenity, as well as courage, foresight, and happiness. washed onto shore from reawaken love and passion in a long and tired relationships this stone sacred jewel boxes of sirens Believed to augment its power once immersed in water Said to improve intelligence and enhance youthfulness. HEALING PROPERTIES Water in which aquamarine had been soaked was used in ancient Used to reverse poisoning during the middle ages Anti-anxiety times to heal heart, stomach, liver, throat & mouth diseases. USAGE Fortune telling aid, called the "magic mirror" by soothsayers Used by 19th century Chinese to carve Manufacture of Jewelry eyeglasses small figurines AN IDEAL... Anniversary gift (especially for the 16th and 19th wedding anniversaries) Parting gift Kesha Jessica Biel Justin Javier Bieber Daniel Bardem Craig Julia Carrie Stiles Underwood Mariah Kat Carey Von D CELEBRITIES with Aquamarine Birthstone Lady Gaga Sharon Stone Eve Fergie Mendes Reese Rob Witherspoon Kardashian Jessica Mitt Chastain Steven Romney Joel Madden Tyler Bruce CELEBRITIES SPOTTED WEARING AQUAMARINE JEWELRY Willis Catherine Zeta Jones wore Charlize Theron once a 50-carat aquamarine from H.Stern during the wore a marquise aquamarine earrings 2001 Academy Awards to the Golden Globes Sophie, Countess of Princess Diana owned Wessex wore an an aquamarine and diamond earrings aquamarine tiara to a gala dinner back in 2012 You Tube 5 BRIlliANCe - E @brilliancecorp Toll Free: 866-737-0754 Email:

March Birthstone - Aquamarine

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From the Latin word "aqua marina" (water of the sea), Aquamarine is a precious stone characterized by its shades of blue, and is considered to be the "poor man's diamond".




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