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The Many Famous Creases of a Stetson Hat

FAMOUS * CREASES * John B. STETSON CREATOR OF THE ORIGINAL COWBOY HAT MOST HATS STARTED WITH AN OPEN CROWN, A BLANK CANVAS FOR SHAPING A HAT TO THE BUYER'S TASTE. TODAY, WITH FEWER SPECIALTY SHOPS AND EMPLOYEES TO SHAPE THEM, HATS COME PRE-CREASED IN MANY SHAPES. WHAT MADE THE SHAPES WE SEE TODAY? ORIGINS SIDE VIEW TOP VIEW MONTANA CREASE Back when people traveled less from place to place, regions of the country developed a hat crease unique to their own local land, much like an accent. The Gus, also known as the Montana crease or Montana slope, was created on a Montana ranch and adopted by other Montana cowboys. FORM & FASHION SIDE VIEW TOP VIEW CATTLEMAN CREASE The hat crease most people wear today is the Cattleman. It was worn by cattle buyers origina!ly. It meant you ran a ranch and probably had a lot of money. This Cattleman compliments a wider face and squarer jaw and is worn mostly by men. SIDE VIEW TOP VIEW PINCH FRONT CREASE Women lean ward a Pinch Front crease as it accentuates the narrower jaw line and can make the face look thinner. FUNCTION SIDE VIEW TOP VIEW TELESCOPE CREASE The Telescope crease came from the "charros" (Mexican cowboys) who came to Nevada from Mexico and South America for work. The low crown covers your head but stops hot air from accumulating and its wide brim provides sun protection. Conversely, the Montana crease has a higher crown that traps hot air to keep heads warm on cold nights. FAME SIDE VIEW TOP VIEW TOM MIX Hollywood has helped dictate the popularity of some styles, like the Gus, (originally called the Montana crease), made famous by Robert Duvall in Lonesome Dove. Fame can even earn a custom crease style named after you - such is the case with Tom Mix. STETSON. MADE OF. AMERICA

The Many Famous Creases of a Stetson Hat

shared by Vtbarrera on Mar 28
When Stetson first started making its iconic cowboy hats in 1865, they were sold with an open crown (a rounded dome) that served as a blank canvas for the wearer to crease in a manner that best suited...




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