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The Many Faces of Santa

WILL THE REAL SANTA CLAUS PLEASE STANDUP? For much of the world, Santa Clause is a jolly, bearded man in a red and white suite who stores presents in a knapsack. But Santa has many faces: Befana, Sinterklaas, the Yule Man wearing braces, Ded Moroz to name a few. Not all Santas are jolly blokes with flying reindeer - some of them are tricksters who leave kids potatoes instead of gifts! Read on to discover how to tell your bona fide Santas from their pointy-hatted doppelgangers. Ho Ho Ho indeed! DED MOROZ (GRANDFATHER FROST) SINTERKLAAS LA BEFANA (THE YULE MAN) EN CLAUS SANTA Russia Sweden, America Country of Origin Netherlands Italy Ukraine Norway Finland Uk Belgium Eastern Europe Australia He's that jolly old man with rosy cheeks. Wrapped snugly in a straining red coat, he sucks his mince pie belly in with a big black belt. And the shoes? Large black boots that won't show up the chimney soot of course. He's got a fluffy-white beard, smells No, Le Befana hasn't got anything to do with the South African soccer team. No, this is not the Pope. It's Sinterklaas. He is adorned in a red and gold bishop's alb and often wears a Stola. Ded Moroz, or Grandfather Frost, wears a flowing blue coat that falls to the floor. It is adorned in snowflake Appearance witch but has a warm heart embroidery and ornaments. His beard is straight and almost reaches to the floor. He carries a long staff with the head of a star. The Yulemanded is a small, gnomish creature who is kind hearted but has a short fuse. She's actually a Christmas and kind spirit!. She's draped in a black shawl and carries a bag of gifts in her soot-covered hands. While fun and playful, he often plays tricks on people who aren't good to the farms he watches over. Propped on his head is a Mitre and you'll often find him holding a gold crosier too. He has a long white beard and carries with him like cookies and has a the naughty/nice list. beaming smile. Time of 24th December - Christmas Eve 5th January - 31st December 5th December 24th December- Arrival Epiphany Eve New Year's Eve / Day Saint Nicholas' Eve Christmas Eve She soars through the sky Grandfather Frost arrives in on her broomstick and stops off at each child's house on Epiphany Eve. style on a traditional Troika - The Yulemanden live in the a Russian horse-drawn sled. woods and arrive at children's houses by a sled pulled by goats. They don't go down the chimney but rather make their entrance through the He dashes through the sky accompanied by his twelve reindeer and squeezes his bottom through the chimney of every boy and girls house. Sinterklaas arrives by a Magical Method of He doesn't enter through the chimney but rather is steamboat from Spain. He is then paraded through the town to meet all the children. She clambers down the chimney and welcomed at the front door. Transport sweeps around the chimney floor once her task is complete. See? Told you she was nice. He has also been known to show up at parties and celebrations to give gifts out in person. window. The North Pole elves are La Befana's a bit of a loner. his sidekicks. While they The Yulemanden is accompanied by lads called the Nisser. They are elf-like characters not taller than 2 feet and are dressed in red may not accompany him on his Xmas Eve flight, She doesn't like to be seen and will whack children over the head if they try spy on her. This kind-hearted hag goes solo on her gift-giving ventures. Grandfather Frost brings with him his granddaughter, Snegurochka (The Snow Maiden). She is his beautiful gift-giving assistant. Sinterklaas brings Black Peter along with him. Black Peter is a chimney sweep boy who helps him hand out presents they spend the whole year making the perfect gifts for good children around the world, and feeding the reindeer of The Sidekick and grey cloaks with pointed hats. course. Bad children get left a bag of salt or coal. History has it that Black Peter Bad children get left with a stick in their shoe or a potato. Bad children don't find any gifts under the tree given to them. The Bad children get left a piece of ash or coal. Bad children get left potatoes. Naughty List would kidnap the worst of the children and take them away to Spain. To say thank you, Le Bafana gets left wine and tasty morsels to munch on before she leaves. He gets left smal treats and the traditional Christmas These jolly gnomes just love rice pudding! Sinterklaas is left a Milk, cookies, beer, carrots for the reindeer. Treat huge spread to feast on. dish, Kutia. BROUGHT TO YOUBY: Golden SOURCES: HTTP://WWW.EVERYTHINGESL.NET/LESSONS/SANTA.PHP HTTP://WWW.TOPTENZ.NET/TOP-10-SANTA-LEGENDS-FROM-AROUND-THE-WORLD.PHP HTTP://WWW.ANNIEN.COM/HOLIDAYS/CHRISTMAS/LEGENDS/SANTA_LEGEND.HTML HTTP://WWW.HISTORY.COM/TOPICS/SANTA-CLAUS RIVIERA online casino

The Many Faces of Santa

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2. He rides in on reindeer and is dressed in red, black and white. He shoots down the chimney to children’s delight. He carries a sack filled with presents and joy, and keeps a long list of each goo...


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