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For the Man Who Has Everything: A Compendium of Luxury For Men

Everything A COMPENDIUM OF LUXURY WATCHES, TIES, DOGS, AND OTHER SUCH MANLY THINGS A HAIRCUT TOURBILLON PATEK PHILIPPE AT THE TED GIBSON SALON ASTEROID HENRY GRAVES SUPERCOMPLICATION MANTACTORY CORTiniCAnto OiuWin $1,200 $4.6 million $24 million After he starred in TLC's This watch is part of the At the time of its creation, do what Not to Wear, demand Louis Moinet Meteoris set of this was the most for Gibson's stylish cuts went four watches with cosmic complicated and intricate through the roof. Reportedly, he components. It contains a mechanical pocket watch ever cuts the hair of Renee Zellweger, fragment of the Itqiy meteorite, created. It has 24 functions, Anne Hathaway, and other famous which was formed near the Sun including a calendar, star chart, stars. thousands of years ago and fell to chronograph, and several chimes. Earth in 1990. ROLEX FULGOR GRAF VON FABER-CASTELL SUBMARINER NOCTURNUS PERFECT PENCIL LIMITED EDITION $5,000 - $15,000 $8 million $12,800 This classic design will Tibaldi of Florence makes Made of 240-year-old run you a pretty this exquisite pen that olive wood, it comes penny on Amazon. It was sounds like the name of a dragon or with a built-in sharpener famously worn by Steve sword from A Song of Ice and Fire. and eraser holder made of McQueen – his personal Its proportions are based on the 18-carat white gold Submariner sold for golden or "divine" proportions of accented with three $234,000 at auction. phi, and it comes studded with 945 diamonds. black diamonds and 123 rubies. CHRISTIAN LACROIX STEFANO RICCI'S THE EMPA FANTASY PATTERN TIE FORMAL CRYSTAL TIES GOLD TIE $1,150 $360 - $1,775 $8,500 Each tie is made to Stefano Ricci's normal The Swiss Federal Laboratories "I For Materials Science and order and unique. The ties are often valued at fabric is 100% Italian silk and more than $200. The ties in Technology (EMPA) worked 10 years to cut into patterns that are sure this set are priced higher create the breakthrough advance that to draw every eye in the based on the number of allows this tie to exist. Silk yarn is Swarovski crystals each is coated with a nanometer-thin layer of room. adorned with. gold with a high-tech plasma coating process. It's extremely exclusive. FLOYD MAYWEATHER'S KOENIGSEGG CCXR TREVITA THE SUASHISH NECKTIE $222,000 $4.8 million The single most expensive I necktie in the world was Mayweather supposedly paid a pretty penny for this sports car. created by Indian designer Satya It's a limited-edition car (only 2 were produced in 2009), sleek Paul. It contains 150 grams of gold and composed of a white carbon fiber weave. It can go from 0 to 62 and 271 diamonds. It's certainly a mph in about 3 seconds and has a top speed of 254 mph. statement, BUGATTI ROYALE KELLNER COUPE TIBETAN MASTIFF $1.6 million Purebred Tibetan Mastiffs are extremely rare and considered $20.1 million a status symbol of the super-wealthy in China. Puppies typically cost much Ettore Bugatti planned to build 25 of these, the less than this elsewhere in the world. largest cars in the world, and sell them to European These dogs, who look more like small kings and que to make his fortune. Unfortunately, he lions, were bred to otect sheep from tried to sell them during the Great Depression. Six were bears, tigers, leopards, and more. The made and three were sold. largest of them can weigh up to 160 pounds! FERRARI 275GTB/4 ENGLISH BULLDOG N.A.R.T SPYDER $3,000 These handsome fellows can $27.5 million cost up to $3,000 as puppies. A special run of an already-exclusive and sleek line, these cars As adults, they are sadly prone to were intended to be racers. Only ten were ever made. many expensive health issues. WAGYU BOUCHERIE POLMARD'S DOMAINE DE LA ROMANEE - CONTI ROMANEE 2000 VINTAGE COTE DE BOEUF BEEF - CONTI GRAND CRU, COTE DE NUITS $100 per pound $3,200 $13,021 Wagyu is Kobe beef's Alexandre Polmard's family slightly less expensive perfected a meat treatment cousin. Cows raised in Japan for process called "hibernation," which The world's most Wagyu beef receive sake and beer allows meat to be kept at its original expensive and desired to increase their appetites and quality for long periods of time. wine is as valuable as its also get daily massages to stay Polmard's cows are raised with a name is long. The tender and loose. Wagyu is known minimum level of stress, which Archbishop of Paris for its marbling and excellent supposedly increases the quality of described it as "velvet and taste and is even healthier than the meat. The 2000 vintage is satin in bottles" in 1780. normal beef. evidently a very relaxed one. HAMMACHER SCHLEMMER PERSONAL SUBMARINE EGON MULLER-SCHARZHOF SCHARZHOFBERGER RIESLING TROCKENBEERENAUSLESE $8,982 Another long-winded and $2 million valuable wine, this one is a The personal sub fits two people and can dive to depths of up white Riesling, a style that has to 1,000 meters. It has a max speed of three knots and provides become fashionable in recent up to six hours of time underwater. The price includes decades. This vineyard is rumored "comprehensive training" on how to use it. to date back to Roman times. CLIVE AMBRE DOMAINE LEFLAIVE CHRISTIAN NO. 1 ТОРКАРI MONTRACHET GRAND PURE PERFUME FOR MEN CRU, COTE DE BEAUNE $2,350 per bottle $610 per bottle Montrachel $5,775 You know it's for men because For the slightly less A “biodynamic" wine they say so! Joking aside, this extravagant man, there's this whose grapes are perfume is supposedly made from luxurious cologne. It combines grown according to the some of the rarest ingredients around woody and spicy scents of bergamot, phases of the moon and and comes in a crystal bottle with a cinnamon, and ginger with higher positions of the planets, it's neck made of gold. There's also a notes of pineapple and lavender. And fruity, rich, and refined. five-carat diamond in the stopper. look at that stopper! HAMMACHER SCHLEMMER THE EMPEROR FLYING HOVERCRAFT WORK ENVIRONMENT $190,000 $44,750 If you're looking for something else daring, Hammacher The ultimate in ergonomic Schlemmer offers this 130-horsepower, twin-cylinder, work stations looks like liquid-cooled, turbocharged, high-speed flying hovercraft. It can reach something right out of a sci-fi speeds of 70 mph and, astonishingly, can operate in 25 mph winds movie set in the late 2200s. and 6-foot waves. ARFAQ HUSSAIN'S V2 CUFFLINKS SOURCES:| | | || | ||| $39,007 per pair These dashing military cufflinks are made with MOSAIC 18-carat yellow and white gold, sapphires, and diamonds. They were HAIR TRANSPLANT famously worn by Michael Jackson on his 1996-97 HIStory Word Tour.

For the Man Who Has Everything: A Compendium of Luxury For Men

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Looking to flaunt your wealth and status? There are plenty of different ways to do it. From the car you drive to the dog you walk, everything is a status symbol in the right context. For those who alr...


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