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Living Longer in the Blue Zones

Live Longer BLUE Z├ľNES in the Top 5 geographic areas where people live measurably longer lives. Sardinia, Loma Linda, California Italy tearia, Greece Okinawa, Japan Nicoya, Costa Rica 9 COMMON DENOMINATORS of the BLUE ZONES Move Naturally Find Purpose De-Stress Eat Less Plants For example, walking, gardening or dancing Ask yourself, "Why do I wake LE. meditate, rest, relax, take up in the morning?" Stop eating when you feel Eat more beans, such as fava, black, lentils, and less meat a nap or a vacation 80% full Drink Wine Feed Your Soul Loved Ones First Healthy Network Make family a top priority 1-2 glasses per day; regularly Join a spiritual community of and moderately Socialize with those who any denomination support healthy behaviors 6 BLUE ZONE SECRETS TO BE HAPPY Self Recognize your values, strengths, talents, passions, and gifts. Develop real people skills, volunteer, and live by a personal mission statement. Community Financial Life The place where you live determines your level of happiness. Choose a house walking distance from a park in a quiet neighborhood that you feel safe in. Save mindlessly and spend thoughtfully. Enroll in automatic savings plan and avoid credit cards. Don't spend money you don't have. Workplace The happiest people at work are also the happiest people at home. Find a job close to home that engages your natural talents, and remember to take a vacation! Social Life Socializing more is one of the most dependable, universal means to a thriving life. Surround yourself with positive, trustworthy, funny people and marry the right person. Home Your home should encourage positive, feel-good behaviors, and not behaviors that generate discontent. Designate a creative room (music, paint, etc.), plant a garden, and use your bedroom only for sleep. BLUE ZONE DIET BLUE ZONE RECIPES keys to longevity click image for recipe 1. Eat Your Veggies Indian Include at least 2 vegetables in every meal. Chickpeas 2. Love Beans and Tofu They provide protein without cholesterol, and are high in fibre. Roasted Beet Hummus 3. Drink in Moderation A daily drink has been shown to lower rates of heart disease and reduce cholesterol. 4. Eat Nuts Nuts are a good source of vitamin E, but are high in calories, so try not to exceed a handful daily. Red Beans and Rice 5. Limit Meat In Loma Linda, most are vegetarians. In Okinawa, Sardinia and Costa Rica, meat is consumed on special occasions. Cilantro- Walnut Pesto Spread 6. Hara Hachi Bu It means "eat until you are 80% full." It takes the brain approximately 20 minutes to communicate to the stomach that it is full. Slow down when you're eating, and be conscious of each bite. DID YOU KNOW? The average person's life expectancy could increase by 10-12 years by adopting a Blue Zones lifestyle. Only 20% of how long the average person lives is determined by genes. A Danish study shows that we get the most satisfaction from an average of 6 weeks of vacation per year. The average American worker takes between 8 and 16 days! The odds of Blue Zone residents reaching 100 are up to 10 times greater than the average North American. INFOGRAPHIC BY: Chill Expeditions A parent company of Providing Eco-Immersion adventures to Costa Rica, Spain, Belize, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands since 1995. SOURCES:,,,

Living Longer in the Blue Zones

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This chart maps out the healthiest places to live/visit and details how to mimic the lifestyle and habits in these areas in order to live a longer and happier life. It includes the 6 secrets to living...


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