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Living Life Off the Ledge, High Risk Professions and Pastimes

LIVING LIFE OFF THE LEDGEA HIGH RISK PROFESSIONS 8 PASTIMES JOBS THAT COULD KILL YOU AND WILL COST YOU TOP 10 DEADLIEST JOBS IN THE USA *Fatality Rate per 100,000 full time workers 1 Logging Workers / Lumberjacks 127.8 117 Fishermen and Fishing Workers 53.4 Aircraft Pllots and Flight Engineers 40.5 Roofers 37 Structural Iron and Steel Workers 27.1 6. Refuse and Recyclable Material Collectors 23 Electrical Power Line Installers and Repalrers 22.1 Transport Drivers and Truck Drivers Farmers, Ranchers, and Other Agricultural Managers 21.3 17.4 10 Construction Labourers 92% Male 8% Female 41% 25% The gender rates of all the job fatalities that occur... are we really surprised? Transportation Incidents The highest area of job 45 - 54 Years Old Computer, Mathematical & Legal The largest age demographic for Job fatalties fatalities within an Industry. The safest jobs of all ...If not Just a tad nerdy Source: and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries 2012. CANADA NEW ZEALAND 52 work place fatallties per 100,000 workers in fishing & trapplng. Fishing & farming are the most dangerous Jobs. The mining & natural resource industry is a close 2nd with 46.9 fatalities per 100,000 workers. Claim rates are double the national average. AUSTRALIA BRITAIN The fatality rate Is one of the lowest in the world at 1 death per 100,000 DI Farming, construction & manufacturing top the list of most dangerous jobs. workers. The overall national workplace fatality rate is low at 0.6% per 100,000 The most dangerous jobs Include commercial fishing, mining, road train driving & working In construction. workers. IRELAND Farming is the most dangerous job. It accounts for 40% of workplace deaths. Construction Is 2nd, followed by flshing, aquaculture, transportation & storage jointly in 3" place. THE HIGH RISK HOBBIES YOUR INSURERS WON'T LIKE 1 IN 500,000 Chances of a fatal life ending Bungee Jump 1 IN 200,000 Chances of losing oxygen and sinking to a watery grave while Scuba or Deep Sea Diving 1 IN 160,000 Chances of plummeting to your death while Skydiving 1 IN 8,333 Chances of flipping end over and dying on the spot while Ski Jumping 1 IN 5,560 Chances of being buried alive in an avalanche of snow while Heli-Skiing 1 IN 2,317 Chances of colliding head first into rocks at high velocity while Cliff Diving or Base Jumping 1 IN 2,200 Chances of perishing from a fight related injury while Boxing 1 IN 1,750 Chances of falling to your death while Rock or Mountain Climbing 1 IN 1,000 Chances of crashing at high speed and dying on impact while Motorbike Racing or Motocross Competing TAMANA VAMA 10 1 IN 1,000 i Chances of offing yourself while Hang Gliding If we just counted Mountain O DID YOU Climbing in Nepal only, this would be the Number 1 Most Dangerous Hobby in the World with a death rate of 1 in 167 people. Everest Anyone? KNOW? Nah.! RESOURCES [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] ( [7] [8] -1953-mount-everest-expedition-that-placed-tenzing-norgay-and-edmund-hillary-o n-the-summit-of-the-worlds-highest-mountain-and-amelia-rose-hillary-2nd-r-grand da EASYLIFECOVER REPSO

Living Life Off the Ledge, High Risk Professions and Pastimes

shared by Catherine1 on Jul 13
This infographic gives an overview of the most deadliest jobs in the US but also the most deadliest jobs in the rest of the English speaking world – Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Irelan...


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