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Limousine Do's and Dont's

LIMO PASSENGER DOS & DON'TS Being a passenger in a limousine is not something we get to do every day. In reality, most people only get to enjoy the experience once or twice in a lifetime. You may be unsure of how to act when you hire a limo; but that's okay- here's a simple list of limo etiquette dos and don'ts to help you get the most out of your VIP experience. DO BE PREPARED & PLAN AHEAD Map out your stops out ahead of time. If you'd like stop suggestions from your driver, ask him before the vehicle is moving. Charge up your phone and save the limo drivers number. DON'T OVERLOAD YOUR VEHICLE Passenger limits exist for a reason. Most limos can seat 10-16 people comfortably, so don't invite the whole neighborhood for a joyride. Nothing will cramp your style like a cramped limo! DON'T DRINK TOO MUCH DO GIVE YOURSELF ENOUGH TIME Having a driver is not an excuse to get really intoxicated. It's okay to have a buzz going on, but if you're drunk enough to get sick, you're going to get fined. Keep it together! Your driver can't control traffic, so make sure you have an adequate buffer zone to get to and from your destination. You'll be less stressed that way, too. DO ACT RESPONSIBLY Both in and out of the vehicle. This goes for every passenger. You'll be held financially responsible for all vehicle damage, so if someone is being unruly tell them to take a cab! DON'T STICK YOUR HEAD THROUGH THE MOON ROOF You've seen it in the movies but nobody smart does that in real life. It's dangerous and distracting and most limo companies will fine you for it. DO BE POLITE AND TIP YOUR DRIVER This is a special occasion and you deserve to feel like a million dollars. Stop worrying, sit back and trust your driver to get you there safely and in style! Don't treat your driver rudely or indifferently, that's just bad manners. An extra 20% tip on top of the rental price is considered pretty standard. Chauffeurs put in a lot of effort and take a lot of pride in making sure you have the best and safest experience possible. Please reward them for their hard work. LAST OF ALL DON'T FORGET TO ENJOY THE JOURNEY! MAKE TONIGHT LEGENDARY 503.671.9966 CALL TO RESERVE YOUR LIMO TODAY PORTLAND.LIMOo PORTLANDLIMOS.COM Designed by Total Market Exposure

Limousine Do's and Dont's

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Portland Limo Company, JMI Limousine, offers us some helpful tips and tricks to have a great time with your limousine rental. This list of Do's and Dont's will help you avoid getting in trouble and he...


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