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A lifetime of shaving adds up

A LIFETIME OF SHAVING ADDS UP FACTS ABOUT SHAVING Ancient Egyptians believed that body hair was shameful and unclean so they removed their hair with copper razors and pumice stones Prehistoric men first began plucking out their facial hair using two shells, later to be replaced by flint razors Alexander the Great mandated that his troops must be clean shaven so that the enemy would have less to grab on to Cave drawings from 10,000 BC depict men with smooth, beardless faces and others with stylish, short beards Peter the Great of Russia decreed a tax on all beards that was to be collected at every town gate The length of the longest, most impressive mustache on record is 10 feet, grown by Birger Pellas of Sweden As shaving spread throughout the world, men who did not shave were known as barbarians, literally the "unbarbered" Despite his 20 years of sleep, Rip van Winkle didn't grow the longest beard-Hans Langesth of Norway holds this record with a whopping 17.5 foot beard Gillette razor was issued as the standard razor for the American troops in World War 1 Men shaved without the help of shave gels until the idea was finally conceived in the 1970s DID YOU KNOW THAT... The typical American male begins shaving as soon as puberty hits and he starts growing facial hair (age 14-16) More than 1.7 billion men worldwide over the age of 15 shave regularly Men in the United States shave an average of 4.6 times a week 00:03.30/day Weekly minutes for shaving: Annual time shaving: If the average man lives to be 80 years old, he will spend about 38 days shaving in his lifetime 16.1 13:57 38days week year lifetime Here's a comparison to men's other activities: hours minutes seconds 000:00.00 00:23/day Taking a shower 2:41 139:32 377.85 days 00:10/day Cleansing, toning and moisturising 1:10 60:40 164.31 days 00:13/day Choosing an outfit 1:31 78:52 213.60 days 8:30/day Working (starting from age 18) 58:06 3021:12 7804.77 days 3:00/day Watching TV 21:00 1092:00 2957.5 days Globally, men spend about $28 billion on grooming supplies and services (hair, face, shaving, etc.) 84% of men shave at the sink 1.3 billion men shave with a blade and razor 15% 400 million men shave with an electric shaver shave in the bath/shower Sources: 17.5 feet 10 feet

A lifetime of shaving adds up

shared by Matt_Siltala on Feb 14
Great visual of what shaving is going to cost you over your lifetime and other interesting facts about shaving.


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