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Life Insurance: Leave a Legacy for a Latte a Week

Life Insurance. LEAVE A LEGACY for LATTE A WEEK Everybody dies, but what are your chances of dying young? Statistics show that 17% OF PEOPLE AGED 18-27 WHO USE THE PHRASE "#YOLO" will before age 35 THE PRIMARY CAUSE OF DEATH BEING FOUR LOKO* * this is a fake statistic In reality, there is a relationship between age & fatal drunk driving crashes: % of THE HIGHEST PERCENTAGE OF 32% 30% 24% drunk DRUNK DRIVING FATALITIES INVOLVED drivers: DRIVERS AGED 21 TO 24 AT 32% Age: 21 to 24 25 to 34 35 to 44 SO WHAT ABOUT NON-YOLOERS? AMERICA HAS A PARTICULARLY HIGH DEATH RATE AMONG YOUNG PEOPLE, LEADING THE DEVELOPED WORLD IN DEATHS 100,00 AGES 10 TO 24 per people in the United States CAUSES OF MORTALITY IN YOUNG PEOPLE Number of deaths for 10-24 year olds per 100,000 in selected countries Traffic Accidents Violence Suicide - Other 10 15 2o 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 United States TRAFFIC DEATHS AND VIOLENCE ACCOUNT FOR NEARLY HALF OF ALL DEATHS FOR New Zealand PEOPLE AGED 10-24 in the United States Portugal Ireland Greece SO YOU'RE CAREFREE AND INVINCIBLE, BUT THERE IS STILL A CHANCE YOU WILL BITE THE DUST. LIFE INSURANCE IS A MUST IF YOU HAVE DEPENDENTS, BUT WHAT IF YOU DON'T? Consider: A HEALTHY 30-YEAR-OLD MALE CAN GET $250,000 OF 20-YEAR TERM LIFE INSURANCE for less than A Premiums are based on your age at the time of your application Young people can save hundreds of dollars each year for decades if they apply before they have a family This makes the most sense if you expect to get married and have a family and want to keep costs low during those years A The moment you are diagnosed with a medical condition, your insurance rates are likely to skyrocket $15 PER MONTH SO WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO THE The average funeral costs IT WOULD PAY OFF ANY LEAVE A LEGACY DEBT YOU MIGHT HAVE WITH THE REST $10,000-$15,000 MONEY SHOULD YOU KEEL OVER? School loans, car loans, credit card debt, bail money borrowed from your friends Pass money onto heirs Donate to your favorite charity YOUNG SINGLES AREN'T THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO NEED LIFE INSURANCE Child care is expensive: transportation, cooking, cleaning or any other household activity CONSIDER STAY-AT-HOME PARENTS: GENERALLY ONLY THE BREADWINNER PURCHASES LIFE INSURANCE This can be a mistake The average stay at home parent is worth SHOULD A STAY-AT-HOME A NANNY'S SALARY IS $36,400 A YEAR. TO EMPLOY A PARENT DIE, IT WILL BE NANNY FOR 1 CHILD UNTIL THE AGE OF 13 WOULD COST $119.463 EXPENSIVE TO PAY FOR $473,200 WHAT THEY DID FOR FREE per year O Insurance Sources DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

Life Insurance: Leave a Legacy for a Latte a Week

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This infographic provides a deeper look into why life insurance is important for young adults to have.


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