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Life is Expensive, Be Prepared

KAPITALL presents LIFE IS EXPENSIVE, BE PREPARED AT FIRST, MONEY COMES EASY... YOU LOST A TOOTH! Collect $3 from the Tooth Fairy x15 The average allowance given to kids in the US is $15 per week [1] The Tooth Fairy currently pays an average of $3 per tooth [1) $3 BUT AS WE GROW, SO DO OUR EXPENSES. <<<<<<< WORDS OF WISDOM HCompound interest: the more you save today, the more you'll have later on $3.60 DATE NIGHT Pay $16.24 for two movie tickets Gas prices have risen at the fastest rate in more than 3 years, now averaging a record of $3.60 per gallon [3] BY THE TIME COLLEGE ROLLS AROUND, WE'VE STARTED TO REALIZE JUST HOW EXPENSIVE LIFE CAN BE... $16.24 TICXET Movie ticket prices have risen 2.5%, now costing a record average of $8.12 each (4] OFF TO COLLEGE! Take out a loan On average, college students spend more than $13,000 per year (not including tuition) (6] $13,000 College costs have been rising at a rate of 7% per year for decades [s) AND UPON GRADUATION, EVEN MORE SO... YOU GRADUATED! Choose a career $24,301 The average student loan balance for recent Over 37 million Americans have outstanding student loan debt. Almost 40% of these borrowers are under age 30 [7] graduates is $24,301(7) WORDS OF WISDOM THE MORE LIFE PROGRESSES, THE MORE IT SEEMS TO COS... Pay yourself first: when you get your paycheck, the first payment should be to your savings. THE STORK PAID YOU A VISIT! $27,021 Start that college fund An average U.S. wedding costs $27,021 (not including a honeymoon) 19] It costs an estimated $900,000 to raise a child until age 22 (10] BUT IN THE MIDST OF ALL THIS, WE STILL NEED TIME TO RELAX... $900,000 YOU NEED A BREAK Take a vacation! NITIN $1,180 ...AND TO SECURE OUR OWN FUTURES. The average family summer vacation costs $1,180 per person [11] RETIREMENT ON THE HORIZON WORDS OF WISDOM How is your portfolio?! Asset allocation: know the risk and reward for your place in life. $240,000 It costs an estimated $240,000 to cover medical expenses throughout retirement [12] 75% of retirees say they would have saved more if they could do it all over again (12] AT KAPITALL, WE MAKE INVESTING FOR YOUR FUTURE EASY, SO YOU CAN GET BACK TO ENJOYING LIFE. WORDS OF WISDOM You don't need a degree to save and trade. Anyone can "play" the market. CONGRATULATIONS You successfully navigated life's financial challenges (1) (2) spending-statistics/ (3) (4) htt p:// 5. 2/03/24/college-costs-are-soaring/ (6) (7) (8) (9) http: // (10) dollar-babies-what-it-really-costs-to-raise-a-child/ (11) age-cost/story?id%3D16509865#.UOSPNYnjkmw (12) ment-savings-in-.aspx 13. ©2013 Kapitall, Inc. Kapitall Wire is a division of Kapitall Inc. Content is intended for educational information purposes only and should not be construed as an offer to buy or sell securities or any other product or service provided by Kapitall Inc., and its affiliates companies. Brought to you by KAPITALL

Life is Expensive, Be Prepared

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Kapitall Presents: A guide to navigating life's financial challenges





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