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Lessons In Survival From Horror Movies

LESSONS IN SURVIVAL FROM H& RROR MOVIS ES If we've learned anything from horror movies, it's important to keep your head and use common sense. If you're lacking in that department, don't worry, we have you covered. Here's everything you need to know if you hear something go bump in the night. 1 Werewolf Short cut If you're going to carry a gun around, it may as well do double duty and shoot silver bullets. The same thing goes for Inevitably short cuts are never a good or safe idea, especially if they're through the woods or a dark alley. Take the time to go a familiar way instead. knives -- a silver blade can take down a werewolf and crazy townie alike. Car It never seems to work when you need it to, so be prepared for all scenarios. In the Cabins trunk always keep extra gas, a cell phone, a gun, some garlic Stay away from cabins, farm houses and rural areas in general. The only person that will answer your screams will probably be a mentally unstable hillbilly. and a silver stake or two. 5 Mill Sure that aban- doned mill, house, or whatever you come across, looks like it could be fun to explore, but think about it, it's abandoned for a reason. Stay away. 6 Bait Shadows, bumps in the night and spooky noises are intrigu- ing, but never investigate any of those things while on your own, especially in the dark. Remem- ber, curiosity killed the cat. 7 Holy artifacts "I'll be right back" 9 Risky sex You may not be into crosses, but nei- Famous last words. Utter Strange things like vam- pires, murder and the thought of dying can turn some people on, but that doesn't mean you should just risk it and get down to business. Instead focus on staying alive. them and you're sure to never return -- at least in one piece. ther are vampires or evil spirits. Always wear one just to be safe. 10 Stay with the group It's been drilled into your head since kindergarten because it's smart advice. No matter what the 11 Drugs and alcohol reason, don't wander away. Those who leave the group always die. Always. Do yourself a favor and stay relatively sober if you're isolated in the woods. Chances are you won't be able to save yourself from the chainsaw-wielding maniac if you're stoned. 12 Witchcraft Watch out for pentagrams and other Satanic symbols. If you see one, run. It's probably a good bet to assume witchcraft is involved. 13 Evil little children Kids can be great -- unless you're talking about identical twin girls who say the same things at the same time in a monotone voice. They're most likely psychic and want you to die. 14 Back-up Always carry at least two weapons with you because you're either going to run out of bullets or your gun is going to malfunction when you need it most. Be prepared, and while you're at it, learn self defense. 15 Zombies Sometimes all you need to kill someone is a good, old-fashioned bullet or sharp blow to the head. One direct hit, and you'll be good to go. Information provided by: http://www.termlifeinsurance.orgLIFE HEAVY Sources: | | term

Lessons In Survival From Horror Movies

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Horror stories provide good lessons for how to survive. This infographic takes a look at what life lessons we can learn through horror movies.


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