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LEGO Minifigs

MINIFIGS SINCE 1978 2007 MAJOR- 1974 14K GOLD MINIFIGS FIRST CAME THE MAXIFIG COLLECTIBLES HOLE - BIRDS EYE VIEW MINIFIGS DON'T HAVE EARS 1989 But they have a hole in the top so if they get stuck In your throat, you can still breathe SPECIALISED FACE PATTERNS Eye lashes, faclal halr and lips added. Until this polnt, faces only had eyes and a smlley mouth IV MINI FIGS PRECURSOR TO THE MODERN MINIFIG Had no arms & his legs did not move 1975 1997 NATIVE AMERICANS Were the first minifigs to have a nose Fiona Wright DID YOU KNOW? Lego employees have thelir own personallzed miniflgs as buslness cards 2003 NATURAL SKIN COLOURING After years of using yellow to be raclally Indistinguishable, more natural skin coloring was Introduced in 2003 as part of the basketball theme orpne 21 1978 1989 MODERN MINIFIG INTRODUCED 1990 For the town, space & castle themes arms & legs now move SPECIALIZED LIMBS Unlque leg & hand elements were first Introduced with the pirate character, who had a hook hand and a wooden peg leg GHOST FIrst MIlniflg with a unique body CHARACT THE POLICE OFFICER WAS FOLLOWED BY: MINIFIG In 2010, more than 300 new FICER 2. FIREMAN 3. NURSE 4. ASTRONAUT 5. KNIGHT 6. GAS STATION 7. CONSTRUCTION minifigs were Introduced ATTENDANT WORKER The policeman remains the most popular Minifig Since 1978 there have been 41 different versions THE FIRST LICENSED MINIFIG WAS A STAR WARS CHARACTER. FOLLOWED BY 1999 PRINCE INDIANA JONES LORD OF THE HARRY BATMAN OF POTTER PERSIA RINGS 2001 2006 2007 2009 2012 STAR WARS Over 4000 unique Minifigs have been created THIS LED TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF MINIFIG-BASED VIDEO GAMES The following popular games licensed to non-Lego media were SINCE 1997 THERE released: HAVE BEEN 42 VIDEO GAME BASED 2005 Lego Star Wars Titles 2007 Lego Indiana Jones Titles Lego Batman Titles 2008 on LEGO SETS 2009 Lego Rock Band 2010 Lego Harry Potter Titles 2011 Lego Pirates of the Caribbean 2012 Lego Lord of the Rings • MORE THAN 30 MILLION LEGO STAR WARS TITLES HAVE BEEN SOLD • 122 MILLION MINIFIGS ARE SOLD PER YEAR IN THE TIME IT TAKES YOU TO READ NUMER SOLD 3.9 234 14,040 336 960 56.609.280 10,249,200 122.990,400 - THIS SENTENCE AT- LEAST 3 MINIFIGS AMOUNT OF TIME SECOND MINUTE HOUR DAY WEEK MONTH YEAR HAVE BEEN SOLD MINIFIG + 4 BILLION IF MINIFIGS HAD THEIR OWN CHINA COUNTRY, IT WOULD HAVE 7 BILLION TOTAL WORLD POPULATION THE WORLD'S LARGEST USA POPULATION TODAY 3 POPULATION (BILLIONS) LET'S NOT FORGET ABOUT THE LADIES THE RATIO OF MALE TO FEMALE MINIFIG DESIGNS IS 18:1 Its pretty easy for me to get a date! :: AS WELL AS INTRODUCING FEMALE MINIFIG CHARACTERS LEGO HAS CREATED RANGES DESIGNED PRIMARILY FOR GIRLS PRODUCT RANGES & LAUNCH DATES Doll Ilke characters FRIENDS vs MINIFIG 2012 1971 HOMEMAKER (1971 - 1982) FRIENDS DETAILS FRIENDS MINIFIG Deplct scenes from falry tales 1991 PARADISA (1991 - 1997) DATE OF ORIGIN 1994/2012 1975 NAME MINI-DOLL MINIFIG Pink & purple color schemes 1994 BELVILLE (1994 - 2009) SIZE (HEIGHT) 1.7cm 1.2cm NUMBER OF TYPES 29 4000+ 1997 SCALA (1997 - 2001) Larger than the Minifig Friends is the direct successor to Belville IF YOU COMBINED ALL MINIFIG PARTS EVER MADE, YOU WOULD GET 8 QUADRILLION COMBINATIONS SOURCES: ge=0<emid-890 DESIGNED BY: (HB) • HOTBUTTER • ER WAS A * POLIC

LEGO Minifigs

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This infographic is about the collectible toys known as LEGO minifigs (mini figures).


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