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Knotting up – How do you Wrap a Scarf?

లోK BESPOKE CLOTHING KNOTTING UP HOW DO YOU WRAPA SCARF? Since ancient times, men have won scarves to keep warm, to signal political allegiance, military rank or fashion savvy. Aviators and naval men are known for their flying neck pennants and almost every soccer fan in Europe bundles up with his team's favorite colors before heading out to the stadium. Scarves have long been popular among militaries as a way to help keep soldiers warm and also signify military rank. Both Chinese warriors and Croatian soldiers wore scarves as a means of signifying rank. Soldiers and officers in countries as diverse as Egypt, Russia, New Zealand and the UK wear scarves, keffiyehs, mufflers and other types of neck warmers as part of their uniforms. A well-chosen scarf can add interest and color to any men's suit. Try the Classic Navy Cashmere Scarf with the Stone Prince of Wales Suit and Blue Twill Tie for a stylish and strong office look. (Shop at * O * A * THE PARISIAN KNOT THE FAKE KNOT THE ASCOT KNOT THE COWBOY KNOT 1. Fold the scarf in half and wrap it around your neck 1. Wrap the scarf around your neck, knot it close to your neck in the front and the ends should hang perfectly one on top of the other. 1. Tie a knot into one Great for square scarves and keffiyah. end of the scarf. 2. Drape around your neck and then slip the loose end through the knot and tighten up. 1. Fold the scarf in halfon the diagonal. 2. Lay against your neck with the ends at the back and then tie into a knot. 2. Pull the scarfends through the loop. 3. Pull the loop toward your neck while pulling the ends down and then adjust until the ends are hanging a bit uneven. 3. If the scarf is very long drape the loose ends back over your shoulders toward the front. KNOTSTANDARD.COM

Knotting up – How do you Wrap a Scarf?

shared by laraneich on May 08
Learn how to wrap a scarf with 4 different knots – The Ascot Knot, The Parisian Knot, The Fake Knot, The Cowboy Knot.


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