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JK Rowling analysed (English)

Harry Potter's novels < > last novel JK Rowling analysed The Casual Vacancy The Deathly Hallows 2007 The Half-Blood Prince 2012 2005 The Order of the Phoenix Of the 1,3 mln words used in JK Rowling's novels, there are a few that repeat themselves and also make the move from Harry Potter 2003 The Goblet of Fire 2000 The Prisoner of Azkaban 1999 The Chamber of Secrets 1998 The Philoshoper's Stone 1997 to adult fiction. book title | year of release quantitative information for each novel words 300.000 н иnique words 300.000 fewer than 7 characters short words 300.000 long words 300.000 7 or more characters sentences 20.000 average sentence 70 length average words 70 рer sentепce the intersection point between book and line represents the value for each parameter indicated thematic areas of nouns with тore than 25 citations body 30% 0% mind feelings adversity time setting the point of intersection between book and thematic area represents the percentage of relevance in the novel society family education magic recurring characters Harry Potter for each book Ron Weasley Ш Ш Н |Ш I Ш Hermione Granger H н H н- ПЕНННН Albus Silente HН Rubeus Hagrid TEHHI- Krystal Weedon | 1 bar = 50 citations Stuart Wall Andrew Price ШШ Miles Mollison Howard Mollison |шШН the ten most cited nouns in each novel, with possible links among those present in more than one novel professor time - professor professor professor time time · eyes face 1. eyes uncle voice professor death face eyes time 2. professor - time - voice time time - time 3. door eyes face room room 4. face face face face house 5. eyes - door door door hand - voice mother 6. head voice head head head room door eyes voice 7. face school voice room room door hand 8. people hand hand eyes wand door hand council room 9. room hand room table head head eyes wall 10. boy chamber moment house hand people place

JK Rowling analysed (English)

shared by accurat on Jun 25
Is it possible to find patterns on lexical evolution of J.K. Rowling way of writing through time? How her last piece (the casual vacancy) differs from the former 7 Harry Potter novels? Our visualizati...


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