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It's The Bang+Strike Pants Survey: The Results

IT'S THE BANG+STRIKE PANTS SURVEY Eat 1993 THE RESULTS ARE IN. .and they were very, erm... interesting. Ever stuffed your pants? Gone a week without washing them? Or dumped a partner because you didn't like their underwear? The stats are in: you're not alone. I think we can safely say we have the most comprehensive (and sometimes disturbing) survey ever conducted on pants in the UK. WE ASKED. "If you could only wear one style of pants for the rest of your life, what would you wear?" POPULAR WITH STRAIGHT MEN POPULAR WITH GAY & BỊ MEN 60% NOT REALLY POPULAR WITH 40% ANYONE. 20% ? BOXERS BRIEFS TRUNKS THONGS OTHER Gay Straight Bisexual Briefs were popular, except with straight men, who tend to be happiest in a roomy pair of boxers. However trunks were also a firm favourite, with little discrepancy in preference according to sexuality. 76.4% 53.6% 42.4% MOST MEN AGREED THEY WOULD NEVER WEAR A THONG! HOWEVER. It's nice to see how many men are open-minded about their underwear with 33.8% of gay men, 10.5% of straight men, and a huge 42.4% of bisexual men classing themselves as not picky in the pants department £15 – £20 > £20 WHEN IT CAME TO SPENDING CASH. < £5 Straight men are the least likely to splash the cash £10 - £15 AVERAGE SPEND: £5-£10 PER PAIR ALSO. When we asked: WHAT'S THE MOST YOU'VE EVER SPENT ON A PAIR OF PANTS. The divide between the sexualities stayed relatively the same, with 9.3% of straight men declaring they've never broken the £5 barrier for a pair of pants HIGHEST SPEND? £100! WE WERE RELIEVED TO FIND OUT: MORE THAN HALF A HUGE 78% OF OF MEN HAVE ONLY WOMEN HAVE NEVER WORN THE SAME PAIR WORN THE SAME OF PANTS ONCE PANTS FOR MORE BETWEEN WASHES THAN A DAY! NO. OF DAYS WORN NO. OF DAYS WORN +2 +2 OVER A WEEK! 0% – OVER A WEEK JUST OVER 20% OF MEN HAVE GONE YIKES! MORE THAN TWO DAYS. with 1.1% admitting to more than a week of consecutive wears... ALTHOUGH. Not everyone has to worry about washing underwear often, such as the 1.4% of men who go commando every day, and the 1.5% who go commando 'most of the time' CENSORED! Do ever 'go commando'? Never Some of the time Only on laundry day Most of the time Every day Occasionally However nearly half of men never go commando, with bisexual men the most likely group to go 'au-naturale' 1.7% Leave it to their mums! DESPITE 6.6% Left the task to their partners PERCEPTIONS To THE CONTRARY, MOST MEN BUY THEIR OWN ШI UNDERWEAR 91.7% Buy their own PANT STUFFING ISNT AS PROLIFIC AS YOU'D THINK, ONLY AS A JOKE. 82.6% 11.7% Never Only for laughs 2.2% 3.5% Not telling.. Yep, regularly 50 50 WITH AN EVEN DIVIDE BETWEEN THE PANT-STUFFING HABITS OF STRAIGHT AND GAY MEN AMAZINGLY. 8% of men are so dedicated to the presentation of their pants that they iron them regularly, with another 4.3% going the extra mile for special occasions A°% 8% 12% Bisexual men were most likely to get the iron out for their underwear, followed by straight men LUCKY PANTS! MEN: WOMEN: More than a quarter of men profess to Only 12.5% of women claimed to own a lucky pair of pants owning a pair of pants that are a little bit 'luckier' than the rest 38% 59% FAILURE RATES But of those, over 38% But if you think they'd have claimed they'd never actually more luck than the men? been that 'lucky'... They don't PARTNER'S PANTS When it comes to a partner's choice of underwear, nearly 20% of men said that bad underwear would be a dealbreaker However straight men are the easiest to impress, with just 11.8% willing to break things off over bad underwear Overall, 63.6% of all men said "Nice underwear's important, but l'll let it slide for the right person" Whereas 25.7% of straight men simply didn't care what was under their partner's clothes CONFIDENCE In general, men are a comfortable bunch in their underwear, with the majority choosing 10 out of 10 when asked how comfortable they are being seen in their smalls OOH, GET YOU! 25% 15% 5% 10 However there's a clear correlation between sexuality and how happy men are to strip to the bare essentials, with only 12.6% of straight men rating their confidence a 10 vs. 27% of gay men, and 33.3% of bisexual men 10/10 CONFIDENCE: 12.6% VS 27% VS 33.3% STRAIGHT GAY BISEXUAL 0/10 CONFIDENCE: 1.7% VS 0.3% VS 0% STRAIGHT GAY BISEXUAL CONFIDENCE IN WOMEN 0/10 10/10 Sadly (and maybe unsurprisingly) women are failing in the confidence stakes, with just 5.1% rating 12% VS 5.1% themselves a 10 for confidence in their underwear, and 12% rating themselves 0/10 AND FINALLY. We asked the men "if you could look like any celebrity in their underwear, who would it be?"with the most popular choice being 'no-one - I like looking like me' NICE! #1 / ME DAVID ВЕСКНАМ CALVIN HARRIS BROUGHT TO YOU BY BANG+STRIKE THE UK'S NO.1 MEN'S UNDERWEAR & SWIMWEAR RETAILER wwW.BANGANDSTRIKE.COM Inncın STRAIGHT BISEXUAL

It's The Bang+Strike Pants Survey: The Results

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Recently we asked you to tell us all about your underwear buying and wearing habits: you told us what underwear you love to wear and what you’d never wear, how often you wash them, how much you spen...





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