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An Introduction to the Hummer

AN INTRODUCTION TO THE HUMMER The Hummer started life as a vehicle used by the US Army and was a utility troop carrier for many years before designers cleverly started to convert them to be used by the public. It didn't take long for the limousine industry to realize that they would make great transport for those wanting something a little more quirky and started to equip them as luxury cars for events. FN-31658 .*.............. The move to converting the standard Hummer to one which was stretched quickly evolved and now the Hummer is seen as the pick of the fleet for those who want transport which exudes style at the same time as knowing they will definitely get more than a second glance when they park at their party or event. HERE'S SOME GREAT INFORMATION ABOUT THE HUMMER. IT MAY BE THE NEW KID IN TOWN WITH REGARDS TO THE LIMOUSINE INDUSTRY, BUT IT'S ALREADY MADE ITS MARK AND IS DEFINITELY HERE TO STAY. Hummers were first produced for the army in 1983 The first civilian models appeared in 1992 1983 1992 The original name was Humvee; the name change took place when civilian models were produced HUMV EE Humvee stands for High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles A military Humvee can drive through 6o inch deep water as it has a snorkel attachment ENHANCED DRIVER LICENSE ID: 8743895324 CLASS DOCUMENT 03.09.2014 ISSUED: EXPIRES: A Hummer is classed as a truck but you don't need a special license to drive one THERE ARE THREE KINDS OF HUMMER: Hí THE H1 HAS A TIRE DEFLATION SYSTEM TO HANDLE EXTREME MUD AND SAND Can operate in 30 inches of water Can drive up a 40% grade slope with a full 3,50oo pound load Can climb a 22 inch high vertical wall The team in CSI: Miami travel to cases in an H2 Hummer The H2 weighs a hefty 8,600 pounds 3,90okg It takes 18.5 hours to build an H3 Hummer All Hummers have automatic transmissions, even the military ones - P -R D ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER OWNS A CUSTOMIZED HUMMER WITH A CORVETTE V8 ENGINE The average fuel economy rating is 10mp Bam Margera drives a yellow Hummer; it features in 'Viva Las Vegas' A stretch Hummer can seat up to 24 people || The longest Hummer in the world is A second hand Hummer stretch limousine will set you back around 12.3 $60,000 metres long 201703 7979 Sources Made by High Impact |

An Introduction to the Hummer

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A mix of exciting facts about all ranges of the Hummer vehicle.




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