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world < The Pure Self Self is entirely transcended. No ego or separate self left. Only the Divine exists. Any sense of individuality or separateness is an illusion. The Self Pleasing to God Inner marriage of self and soul. All power to açt comes from God. You can do nothing by yourself. You no longer fear anything nor ask for anything. Genuine inner unity and wholeness. The Pleased Self You are content with your lot, and pleased with even the difficulties and trials of life, realizing that these difficulties come from God. Very different from the usual way of experiencing the world (i.e. focused on seeking pleasure and avoiding pain). The Contented Self The struggles of the earlier stages are basically over. The self is at peace. Old desires and attachments still exist but are no longer binding. Grateful, trusting, and adoring. One accepts difficulties in the same way one accepts benefits. The ego-self begins to let go, allwing the individual to come more closely in contact with the Divine. The Inspired Self Beginning to taste the joys of spiritual experience. Genuine pleasure from prayer, meditation and other spiritual activities, motivated by compassion. service and morals. Though not free from desires and selfishness, their power is significantly reduced. Emotional maturity is dawning. The Regretful Self Insight dawns. The negative effects of a habitually self-centred approach to the world become apparent. Wants and desires still dominate. But now you can see your faults. Regret anda desire for change grow. Attempts to follow higher impulses follow - not always successfully. The Commanding Self A false personality created by parents, school and culture. Selfish, controlling and lacking compassion. Must be recognized and bypassed (not destroyed) to grow. self The Arc Of Ascent

Inspirations and Creative Thoughts

shared by rmmojado on Jan 24
The degrees of soul's journey / self's development as seen by the mystics of Islam.




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