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Inspiration for Office Interiors by Industry [INFOGRAPHIC]

INSPIRATION FOR OFFICE INTERIORS BY INDUSTRY Whether you are decorating for an ad agency, a hospital, or a financial firm, the interior décor should fit the function. Here are four interior design inspirations paired with some of today's most popular industries. -MODERN-Marketing/Advertising/Technology Marketing agencies and tech startups exude life and the evolution of creative ideas. Modern design's distinctive style supports the wild imagination and game-changing innovation these industries need. 9e Accessories: Accessories come in the form of accent pieces and sculptures that incorporate geometric shapes. Lighting: Lighting is bright and vibrant, and includes spotlights, pendants, and bold chandeliers or floor lamps. Colors: Use colors sparingly, and choose those that provide clear contrasts between one another, such as reds, blacks, and whites. Furniture: Modern furniture is often unusually shaped and made of wood, glass, plastic, or metal, with a glossy finish. Surfaces: Surfaces are clean and sleek, and the room consists of pieces that incorporate few unbroken lines and little visual noise. MINIMALISTIC E Medical/Science/Research The medical, science, and research fields are all about cleanliness, purpose, and organization. A minimalist design fits this well as it embodies uniformity and function. Colors: Choose muted colors and use variety sparingly. Accent colors should be in the form of small, unassuming accessories. Lighting: Lighting should be bright and uniform, but not overwhelming, and not so unevenly dispersed as to cast many shadows. Accessories: Eliminate anything that does not have an immediate function. Furniture: Select simple furniture and opt for a few, basic pieces. Surfaces: Keep all surfaces clear of clutter and provide ample opportunity to store things out of sight. ZEN F Retail/Spa/Salon This style is perfect for businesses focused on eliminating stress. Zen principles provide tranquility and balance to a space that can help customers and staff leave the bustle of everyday life behind. Colors: Zen spaces incorporate a lot of white, paired with bamboo greens and deep, natural woods. Accessories: Zen is all about balance. Include a few, selectively placed accessories that are natural and complement each other, such as bamboo, water features, or a small rock garden. Lighting: Use clean lighting that's either natural, or softly and evenly muted such as paper lanterns and hanging pendants. Furniture: Select only the essentials, and limit them to pieces that are made of simple, light, natural materials. Surfaces: Surfaces should be clean and uniform, soft and unassuming, and without clutter. RUSTIC E Hospitality/Services/Finance This style is a great fit for those industries that seek to make customers feel at home. Rustic interiors have a regal appeal that's both comfortable and inviting. Lighting: Rustic lighting often has a darker and more intimate ambiance, such as light that comes from candles, fireplaces, small table lamps, and chandeliers. Accessories: Accessories can Colors: include anything from old trunks to Choose colors that resemble nature. aged horseshoes, and anything in between. Surfaces: A rustic feel often comes Furniture: with natural woods and unpolished stones, along with well-worn blankets, drapes, and rugs for that log cabin feel. Select furniture that is ornate, chunky, patterned, and comfortable. Brought to you by The Back Store| Sources: THE S BackStores

Inspiration for Office Interiors by Industry [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Whether you are decorating for an ad agency or a financial firm, the interior décor should fit the function. Here are four interior design inspirations paired with today’s popular industries.


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