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Insects Found in Amber

INSECTS FOUND IN AMBER WHAT IS AMBER? Amber is a wholly-organic material derived from the resin of extinct species of trees. SO, HOW OLD IS AMBER? 230 million-year-old insect found perfectly preserved in amber. Arthropods first to be found in amber from the Triassic Period Bugs, fungus and other life forms have been found trapped in amber from the time of the dinosaurs. SIX MOST INCREDIBLE FOSSILS PRESERVED IN AMBER 99 MILLION YEAR STINGING SCORPIONS OLD ANT Sphecomyrmodes robustus, a 99 million year old fossil ant found in amber. A rare male scorpion (23-15 million year old) found preserved in amber. MEAT EATING PLANTS MID-CRETACEOUS WATHONDARA KOTEJAI Remains of carnivorous plant found in approximately 40 million year old Baltic amber A female scale insect found in Burmese amber. FLUFFY DINOSAUR THE LIZARDS OF THE FEATHERS CARIBBEAN 80 million year old dinosaur feathers trapped in amber. 20 million year old anolis fossil preserved in Caribbean amber. 10 AMAZING ANCIENT DISCOVERIES PRESERVED IN AMBER ΑΝΤ: In Baltic region, around 44–49 million years ago, an ant was parasitized by a species of mite and trapped in amber. SPIDER: 100 million years ago, a spider caught in amber in the act of attacking a wasp. DINOSAUR-ERA SPIDER WEBS: 110 million year old spider web was discovered in amber. BLOOD DROPLETS: 20 million year old spider's ancient blood drops have been found in amber. THE OLDEST ARTHROPODS: 230 million years old fly and two mites, were found in millimetre-scale droplets of amber from north-eastern Italy. TICKS: Ticks were found in amber dating back 15-20 million years. PYGMY LOCUST: Pygmy locust was discovered in Dominican amber. INSECTS: 10 million year old fossilised insect found encased in Spanish amber. FEATHER: Ancient feathers were found in amber. 100 MILLION YEAR OLD PLANT: Sprig containing 18 small rose-like flowers found encased in amber. Sources: mb/2014/01/17/lad4916ea-7c6a-11e3-93c1-0e888170b723_story.html d-in-amber/#1dbaa0537664 erved-amber.html erved-amber.html IMPERIAL TIM Е

Insects Found in Amber

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