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I Will Survive: A Guide to Survival and Pocket Knives

I WILL SURVIVE! A Guide to Survival and Pocket Knives What to Look for in a Survival Knife III A survival knife is a tool with many survival-related functions, such as: CUTTING/SLICING DIGGING SPLITTING SELF-DEFENSE FIRST AID FOOD PREP SHELTER BUILDING FIRE MAKING HUNTING PRYING SIGNALING HAMMERING Performance is the first priority in choosing a knife Key features to look for: Size • Ideal size: 9–11 in. long IIII|I Smaller knives make it more difficult to perform more rugged tasks like batoning and chopping • Bigger knives make it more difficult to dress small game or carve precision snare sets Fixed Blade Fixed blades are more reliable and durable than folding blades Having a joint in your X/ knife makes it weaker Fixed blades are better for: Pounding Chopping Thrusting Prying Rigorous cutting Full Tang • Indicates that the blade and handle are constructed from one continuous piece of metal Partial tang knife blades can loosen and develop play in the handle over time To spot a full tang, look for the metal tang sandwiched between the knife handle » If it comes loose it can be very dangerous and difficult to use Sharp Pointed Tip • Tips that aren't pointed may affect ability to thrust or stab Easily becomes a hunting weapon by itself or attached to a spear A Excels over other tips in: Cleaning/dressing small game Detailed prying and picking Drilling/ notching Clothing/ gear repairs Removing splinters Single-Edged Blade with Flat Ground Spine Look for a flat 90° grind. It's ideal for: Ш1 Splitting firewood Striking a fire-starting rod Constructing makeshift shelters Works well as a thumb rest for extra leverage and control Solid Pommel • The bottom of the knife's handle, also called the butt, is ideal for: Light pounding Light hammering Driving in shelter stakes Handle • Handles vary widely; be sure to avoid: Knives with hollow handles for storage Knives with a compass on the handle Could interfere with your grip Knife won't have full tang If you lose the knife, you lose what you had stored in it Blade Material Usually available in: Stainless steel Carbon steel Rusts quickly Virtually indestructible May lose edge rust easily faster than carbon Keeps a good edge longer Doesn't Blade Thickness • Aim for: 3/16-4/16in. thickness Extremely solid Can withstand abuse of chopping What to Look for in a Pocket Knife Pocket knives are useful for a number of things, such as: CUTTING ROPE, TAGS, AND STRING OPENING CUTTING FRUIT OPENING AS A WEAPON A BOX A LETTER Three common pocket knives Jack knife Pen knife Simple hinge at one end • Has 1+ blades • Popular with hunters, fisherman, and campers • Hinged at both ends of handle • 2-3 blades at each end • Good if you're looking for a variety of blades in one tool • Small, lightweight Multi-purpose knife Most popular pocket knife In addition to blades, they have: Leather punchers Can openers Scissors Tweezers Screwdrivers There are variations of these knife designs, such as: Lock blade knife Slip joint knife • When the blade is fully opened, it locks in place Release by pressing down on a lever located near the back of the handle • Useful for heavy-duty tasks • Blade doesn't lock; held in place by a spring device • Most pen and multi-purpose knives use the slip joint blade • Useful for light jobs only; blade is less stable Friction folder knife One-handed opening • Useful when hands are full • Blade doesn't lock; held in place by friction between the blade and scales Whether you're looking for a heavy-duty survival knife or an everyday pocket knife, consult this guide to pick the best one for your needs. FIX .com

I Will Survive: A Guide to Survival and Pocket Knives

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